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Keep your brain in good shape

When it comes to our daily or weekly workout, we often discount our brains as part of the program. We may focus on fitness or fat loss, and stretching and strengthening various body parts without considering the grey matter inside our skulls as requiring that level of... read more

What’s so good about Collective Leadership?

The premise of collective leadership is that it utilises the combined skills and experience of some or all the members of a team. This is opposed to a single leader who leads the project, directs the activities, and is the main point of contact as the project rolls... read more

Board Leadership Matters – Why?

Last week I worked with Kylie Hammond from the Directors Institute on a Fast Track Masterclass for Boards. We covered Board Career Planning and Strategy as well as Board Leadership. It was an incredible day with 28 current and future Board Directors. Leadership on... read more

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