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Year: 2023

Character – The Foundation of Great Leadership

English is a funny language. There is a vast difference between being a character and showing character. When we describe a person as “a real character,” we generally mean they are a bit quirky or unusual, perhaps with very distinctive mannerisms or attributes. In this use, it’s not necessarily a term we would associate with […]

Characteristics of Great CEOs

One of the most asked questions we are asked at LeadershipHQ is what makes a great leader and CEO? In our leadership circles there is also a lot of talk about how to be a “great” leader. This is only natural, I suppose, as no one wants to be “average.” Leadership is a highly competitive environment, and […]

10 Qualities that make for a Great Leader

When analysing management styles, all too often commentary is centred around what makes for a bad leader, and not much time and effort is dedicated towards what makes a good one.  It’s understandable, because it is the stressful times that do stick out the most.  But with criticism, there needs to be praise for those […]

Difference Between Burnout and Stress

I am burnt out I hear you saying!!! I am hearing you loud and clear…. We all know what stress feels like. It’s that feeling of being overwhelmed, anxious, and constantly on edge. As leaders, we are more susceptible to stress than ever before. But what is stress, really? And how can we avoid letting […]

Leadership, Habits and Ego

Leadership Habits As human beings we are all creatures of habits and daily routines. Yes, even you and even me. Have a think about a usual day for you. Do you get up in the morning and go to the gym before work, do you grab that much-needed morning coffee from the café just down […]

How to Effectively Lead a Construction Team 

In these economically fraught times, as we’re hit with headline after headline detailing the sad collapse of Australian home builders, one thing has become clear; leadership in the construction industry has never been more important.  Indeed, construction plays a vital role in the Australian economy. It generates nearly 360 billion in revenue and contributes to […]

The Power of Vulnerability in Leadership

I remember just before COVID we had launched our Outstanding Leadership Awards. What a time to launch a global event. We had received 100’s of nominations and everything was locked in to deliver an outstanding events platform. The reschedules, changes in venue, stress, frustrations from finalists and more lead to me having a mini breakdown. […]