Leaders have a vital role in improving the effectiveness of their organisations, because at the end of the day it all comes down to the individuals and how functional they are when they work together under a skilled leader. Innovative leaders need to adopt a three-fold approach in order to bring about real change within their environment.

  1. Choice
  2. Recognition
  3. Accountability



You, as the leader, are the commonality; the person that brings everyone and everything together. Presenting information and telling your followers that ?this is the intended plan? will only get you so far. You want your team to understand your vision and enable them to make a choice in supporting you so it seamlessly becomes their vision as well. The wonderful thing about this process is that when your team members see others acting in a certain way, their brain kicks in with a process known as mirror neuron activity. What this means is that you only need a few hearty followers to show their support for your cause and others will soon follow.



Recognition, particularly before the group, can do wonders for the team as a whole. Positivity can spread like wildfire and celebration of work well done will set the standard necessary for others to achieve similar recognition. Meaningful rewards will also go a long way into benefitting organisational results; if someone is particularly keen to get an award such as an afternoon off then they are certainly going to do their best to achieve it. Knowing your team and understanding “what” will be a motivational factor to “who”, is all part and parcel of being a great leader.



I like the word accountability because it can have such a positive effect on a team but too often the word gets associated with negative connotations such as blame or criticism. By allowing your organisation to be aligned with those who choose to support you, then your team will go that one step further and understand that they have to be committed to the cause via both their actions and the results. Understanding the “why” of what your team do from both their perspective and yours will enhance their significance and worth as part of the team.

Choice, recognition and accountability are three very strong words. When used appropriately by a leader, they can strengthen an organisation dramatically particularly when they are directed towards the key influencers.

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