About LeadershipHQ.

We are the Catalyst for Better Business and Great Leadership.

Organisations can not exist or survive without great people and great leadership. It’s about building great businesses through growth, connection and change. We are the Catalyst for Better Business. This is about you. We want to be that change agent. So, is your leadership the best it can be? Are your people truly engaged, motivated and productive? Do you have a culture that people are banging down your door to work for? Do you know where you are going and have a great business strategy? Are you connecting with great people? Are you exceeding your customers expectations? Are you getting results through your people? Have you got the right people, systems and processes in place? 

Is this happening for you? 

If yes, we love your work! If not, is this keeping you up at night? It would keep me up at night and sometimes it does. 

Our story. I started a Leadership Consulting company called LeadershipHQ (Leadership Human Quotient) ten years from a blog. So I can have you read about how great we are and how we are the leaders in leadership. How we have helped 1000’s of organisations, teams and leaders achieve greatness. That we partner with small to medium sized businesses (sometimes big corporates). How we are delivering brilliant Leadership, People, Cultural and Business Strategies and Programs. 

That we help build great engagement, motivation, retention, productivity and ultimately improve the bottom line within your business. How we have leadership programs and coaching, deliver transformational cultural change, high impact business strategies, build high performance teams and we have brilliant transformed great businesses. We have published a few books and have spoken across the globe for many years on leadership. We deliver amazing work and outcomes. It’s about how we can help you through our expertise be that catalyst.

LeadershipHQ Vision & Values

LeadershipHQ’s Vision is to build Great Businesses and Great Leadership. LeadershipHQ is bringing greatness back into Leadership and Business. LeadershipHQ are committed to building & delivering brilliant Leadership, People, Cultural and Business Strategies and Programs that build great engagement, motivation, retention, productivity, leadership and ultimately improve the bottom line!

We work with leaders and organisations across the globe transforming their leadership, culture and organisations with our cutting edge and results driven strategies, assessments and diagnostics, leadership events, coaching and programs.


We Love What We Do


We will always Be Real. 


We will always Make a Difference.


We will always Deliver Greatness.


We believe in Great Leadership Always.

LeadershipHQ stops at nothing to ensure the expectations and goals that you establish at the outset are achieved. They apply a balanced mix of exceptional knowledge and experience together with their great interpersonal skills to transform leaders and their teams.

Mark Taylor Lend Lease

We Will Help You Grow.