Growing outstanding leaders

If you’re looking to up your leadership game, we’re here to help.

At LeadershipHQ, we know that leadership is an attitude, a mindset and a skillset, not a title. For more than 14 years, we have been trusted by organisations and leaders to develop leadership skills and capabilities, from first-time and emerging leaders to the C-suite.

We partner with our clients to unleash their leadership potential, transforming organisational cultures and performance through bespoke leadership development programs, workshops, and individual and group coaching. With a blend of face-to-face and online experiences, we guarantee engaging learning with impact.

Your trusted partner

What sets LeadershipHQ apart is our partnership approach. Creating sustainable change takes time and we will be there to provide specialist advice, support and tools throughout your leadership and culture journey.

We really get to know you. Your business. Your goals. Your challenges. Your opportunities. And, most importantly, your people. Everything we do helps you achieve lasting changes in leadership and performance. We unleash leadership potential and greatness, giving you your most notable competitive advantage.

Our tools, methodology, training and thought leadership are founded on unshakeable principles and proven practices with a little bit of fun!

We deliver transformational results and create impact with action.

Our Story

Like all great movements, LeadershipHQ started with a simple idea.
The idea that the world needs more great leaders.
Leaders who are kind. Leaders who are courageous.
Leaders who grow more great leaders.

From little things…

Our founder Sonia McDonald had the courage as a single mum to start a company which would change the world of leadership as she discovered her purpose in inspiring people to learn and grow after 20 years in the Corporate People and Culture arenas. With a flair for leadership and strong writing talents, Sonia started the LeadershipHQ blog in 2007. It quickly became a must-read for leaders looking for a more people-centred way of leading.

…big things grow!

With a growing following and the desire to make an even greater impact, Sonia established the LeadershipHQ consulting business in 2008. Since then, Sonia and her team of associates have helped thousands of leaders through development programs, coaching, workshops and masterclasses.

LeadershipHQ continues to deliver on its promise of fun, engaging and highly interactive face-to-face and online learning experiences and personalised coaching that helps people unleash their leadership potential.

Building a movement

LeadershipHQ has stayed true to its roots, with Sonia continuing to publish the award winning LHQ blog and adding to the company’s thought leadership with the Leadership Lounge Podcast and Livestreams.

In 2019, LeadershipHQ launched the annual Outstanding Leadership Awards to celebrate and showcase the very best kind, courageous leaders as well as the Courage Conference 2022.

Sonia has also published three books, Leadership Attitude, Just Rock It! and First Comes Courage, which promote the team’s shared belief that leadership is an attitude, a mindset and a choice.

LeadershipHQ combines the power of knowledge, deep interpersonal connections and a side of humour to drive superior performance.

If you are looking for a leadership partner that really cares about bringing out the best in people, we’d love to have you join our movement.

Building Great Leadership and Cultures

Celebrating outstanding leaders

We not only grow great and courageous leaders and great organisations, we also celebrate and showcase the very best with our Outstanding Leadership Awards.

The awards recognise leaders who:

  • embrace diversity, inclusion and kindness
  • show courage and grit in leading through the tough stuff
  • value people, relationships and collaboration
  • lift up and develop the next generation of leaders
  • embody humility, vulnerability and authenticity.

Who we partner with