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Executive Assistant Need Leadership Skills

A fantastic executive or personal assistant to a CEO, or high-achieving entrepreneur, is a gatekeeper as much as an assistant – someone who needs high-level skills in identifying priorities and resource allocation. It’s not an exaggeration to say that an executive is only as good as the assistant who supports them. Does this kind of […]

Employee Engagement Leadership

Nurturing Performance with Open Communications Any leader knows that in order to gain optimum performance from employees, they need to feel listened to. Simply providing instructions and expecting quality work is the wrong way to motivate, as job mentality becomes one of being told to do something instead of having confidence in ability. More often […]

Everyday Leadership

It occurred to me today that maybe we are making Leadership bigger than what it is. Today I ran a workshop on Transitioning into Leadership at the EA/PA Summit in Sydney with a remarkable group of women (note – would be great to see more gender diversity in this space). The greatest insight for these […]

Holistic Leadership

What is it about Leadership in the 21st century? I rarely hear the term management, even though it is as equally important and you can’t ignore the fact that the two work together to form a whole approach. As John Kotter once stated, “Leadership and Management are…two distinctive and complementary systems of action”. However, this […]

Frustrated Leadership Development

Do you think we have too many leaders on this planet? I think no. Lately, we have been bombarded with questions and discussions around leadership and what is happening in the banking industry and Royal Commission. Yes, it comes down to leadership, however, there is a lot to think about when it comes to developing […]

Inspirational Female Leaders Ali Sherry

Today’s inspirational and exceptional leader featured in our “Inspirational Female Leaders” series is Ali Sherry.  Ali Sherry works in HR and is passionate about gender diversity.  She has over 20 years’ experience in the human resource field across a range of industries including mining and energy. Ali is known for striving to improve HR processes […]

Leadership Role

Henry Ford was right on the money when he famously said “If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Ford had no idea of the innovation that was to come in his lifetime and beyond, yet his words continue to have relevance decades after his death. In any […]

Leadership Ad-vantage

It Was A Long And Stressful Week. I Was Tired. I Wasn’t Sleeping And I Knew I Wasn’t Operating At My Best. My Pre-Frontal Cortex Was Really Tired And All I Could Focus On Was Negative. Something The Brain Does Really Well When It Is Exhausted And Under Pressure. It Was At That Moment I […]

Leadership And Risk

The weight of leadership derives from many elements when in a management position, but one traditional point of view is the leader’s expectation to take risks – either real or perceived. These expectations come from their own bosses as well as peers and employees, but the simple matter is, it is not risking the leader […]

Leadership Balance Theres Think

Life is full of conflicting priorities, or at least modern life is. We want it all, we expect it all, and the world around us also expects us to be it all. Or that’s how it seems. We often talk about leadership balance in terms of work life and home life. But there’s more to leadership balance than […]