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Courage to Deal with Backstabbers

Courage to Deal with Backstabbers Has this happened to you? It’s happened to me. It’s funny how some people are nice in front of you but talk about sh*tty and nasty things behind your back. They love to makeup stories or exaggerate them to pull someone down. Some of them are overly friendly and will […]

Leadership Lessons from Science

Leadership Lessons from Science Have you ever considered inspiring leaders from the past and how they can change the way you lead today? Albert Einstein had a profound impact on our understanding of the universe and his work is being used to move us into new frontiers today. Consider key points from Einstein’s leadership lesson in […]

Good to Great Leadership

Good to Great Leadership Have you seen any good leaders lately, how about great leaders? During the 2020/21 turmoil, there have been outstanding examples of great leadership, meeting situations we have never experienced before. It is important to recognise where we see great leadership and then, consider as a leader how YOU will build foundations […]

Leadership, Olympians and Gold Medals

Leadership, Olympians and Gold Medals How do you perform under pressure? Do you put yourself to the test very often? And, what are the outcomes? Is this a biased view of your own performance, or do you benchmark yourself against world class leadership standards? The Olympic Games are an incredible example of high performance on […]


Have you ever been at the receiving end of bad hiring, either for yourself, someone who joined your team, or your boss? The end result, stress, bad interactions and then you have to start the cycle all over again: very clearly reflected in Einstein’s definition of insanity – “doing the same thing over and over […]

My Leadership Love Letter To You

I truly beg us all to leadership love, support and be kind to one another and have the courage as one nation to overcome this. I have had emails from remarkable leaders from the other side of Australia checking in on me in view of the difficult times we are all navigating: it was very […]

Leading Leadership with High VALUE

Leading with VALUE Have you thought about how you can make a difference at work, in your community or globally? What do you feel is the defining point that will make this happen? The challenges of 2020 are opening our eyes to the need for values based leadership and we are seeing amazing inroads through […]

Embedding Values

Embedding Values Ah Yes! You’ve just landed a new role, how exciting: Congratulations! New people, new ambitions and a new office and wow, that Values Poster on the Wall! This company must be serious about their values. Day one of my job and my first interaction with someone in the business hits me hard with […]

Leadership Training Values! Who Cares?

Leadership Training Values! Who Cares? Leadership Training Who cares about values! This is what I used to think. Can anyone relate? Then, by ignoring my values, it did get too much and one day…………………..I blew a fuse! When I was at this point, feeling totally exhausted and frustrated, I started doing some soul searching and, […]