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BUSY AS or TIME FOR! I’m busy as, super busy, crazy busy! Have you heard this from someone recently? Sounds like some pre-framing happening here and the other person doesn’t really want to see you! Or, they may want to see you, however their values have been consumed by their busyness. If you can relate […]

Handling Courageous Conversations

Have you ever had a courageous conversation? What was the outcome? Did you shrink in size or stood up for yourself? Whatever the outcome, it was what you chose to do at the time. However, let’s step into a new space and look at this differently. Irrespective of the action you chose, what could you […]

The Peer to Manager Move

The Peer to Manager Move The Peer to Manager! Congratulations, you’ve been promoted! Once a co-worker, now a boss, how exciting. Then, the panic sets in, you start in 2 days and all your previous insecurities come flooding in. STOP right there! You were given this position for a reason based on your leadership capability […]

How to Deal with Leadership Bullying

How to Deal with Bullying We live in a stressful world and on top of that, leadership bullying can show its ugly head in various forms, some obvious, others not so obvious. Whatever the form, there is no place for leadership bullying, it creates toxic work environments, bosses run their own agendas and people suffer. […]

Leadership: The 8pm Club

The 8pm Club Last year leadership was a sh*t show for many of us and it definitely wasn’t a walk in the park for me and the team considering most of our work is face to face and I am a keynote speaker. ARGH! Talk about courage. So I decided to go into my own […]

How to Manage a POOR LEADER

How to Manage a POOR LEADER In your time in the workplace, I am sure you have experienced many challenging situations! Changes in the business, changes in bosses and very poor bosses. How did you handle the poor leader situation? Did you leave, or learn from the opportunity and grow as a leader yourself? Sometimes […]

Neuroscience in Leadership

We have been through many significant developments in history and there is a new one here right now, “The Fifth Industrial Revolution (5IR).” 5IR can be summarised as the combination of humans and machines in the workplace. As leaders we need to ensure we maximise our own potential before we embark on the 5IR journey which will […]

Positive Cultures are MORE Productive

Positive Cultures are MORE Productive Are you experiencing a positive culture in your workplace, or, in view of what has taken place during 2020, have the screws been tightened? Reactions to circumstances can unfortunately create negative outcomes for staff such as increased stress, reduced wellbeing and a high turnover. All of this can be managed […]

Good Leadership Is an Act of Kindness

Good Leadership Is an Act of Kindness Let’s follow the leadership of kindness. Times of uncertainty can lead to individuals building their own power base, or individuals becoming true leaders and establishing strong foundations that will serve future generations. A very important part of this foundation is to ensure as a leader that you align […]

Leadership Intelligence

Leadership Intelligence Where is your attention at the moment? What are you focussing on? Will your immediate focus accumulate and make a difference in the world for future generations? At times, like now, it is good to take stock, check where you are at and whether you are serving your ultimate purpose. Many of the […]