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Category: women in leadership

Management vs Leadership: Is your Focus Right?

Management vs Leadership: Is your Focus Right? In 2021, are you continuing in an existing role, seeking a new one, just been promoted, or, starting a new business? Whatever your position, 2021 is an incredible opportunity to make your mark through either honing your management skills, or accelerating your leadership journey where you can really […]

Team Alignment is Crucial in 2021

A true leader achieves results through others and if you have every team member there with you at the end of the journey, this is true success! To align your team for success in 2021, consider the incredible teamwork that leads to outstanding results in Formula 1, for example 5 second pit stops and working with […]

Courageous Parents

Courageous Parents This is an excerpt from my latest book FIRST COME COURAGE. At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.” Jane D. Hull It’s a strange thought. In our world today, everything is separate. Work life is separate from home life. Home […]

Goal Setting for 2021

Goal Setting for 2021 Did you achieve your goals in 2020? And, what have you learnt from 2020 that you will do less of, more of or, the same? How are you setting up your 2021 goals in relation to your personal leadership success plan? Had you considered that the SAL Report “Do Australian Leaders […]

7 Top Tips Self Leadership

Leadership is an Attitude. Not a Role or Title. Self Leadership starts with YOU. Tip No 1 – Self Awareness We spend so much time trying to be successful or climbing the ladder; when we should spend time getting to know who we are. Our strengths, passions, dreams, triggers, faults, styles and continuously learning about […]

Fast Track Leadership

I remember when I was little driving from Brisbane to Cairns with my family. I was sitting in the back being my inpatient self (this hasn’t changed) and saying to my parents literally every 5 minutes – “Are we there yet?” This is an interesting memory for me when I started my career as I […]

7 Key Trends Neuroscience Leadership

2018 will be a year of change so it promises to be very exciting. While there are many possibilities ahead, here are seven of the key trends I see impacting our workplaces this year. The increasing importance of social development at work: Our social group was for the company as well as for self-protection. We […]