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Category: women in leadership

Why Leadership Must Change NOW

This is NOT a dress rehearsal. We are all at a Cross Road, with the economy slowing, productivity sluggish, employment growth and consumer confidence faltering. Many economists are now predicting an extended period of slow economic growth and recovery. And, to top it off “there are significant gaps and weaknesses in Australia’s leadership and management.”  Organisations need to adapt and adjust […]

Is Leadership A Routine?

What routine do you have as a leader? Do think about your regular routines, or, just get “caught up” in the busyness of life and then realise how quickly time goes by. Then, one day you may realise “you could have done something different.” It’s never too late and the time to start can be right now. […]


LEADERSHIP PLANNING 2021 – time to start now! 2020 has been an unbelievable year and the holiday period is an excellent opportunity to reflect, review and decide how 2021 will be different for you. You may have already considered your own personal preferences, however as a leader, where would you like to make an impact […]

10 Best Books to Read Right Now

10 Best Books to Read Right Now One of the things that helps me to conquer the imposter syndrome is my ability to keep it real and tell people that I am a semi-expert. Having an unquenchable thirst for knowledge makes it possible to learn new things, grow as a person, and create opportunities for […]