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We have now extended our leadership portfolio into exciting new directions to achieve our Vision: “To build, transform and inspire great leadership, teams and companies across the globe.”

Recognising that 2020/21 have been very challenging years and looking ahead to the future, it is very clear that we need future leaders and generations who will lead with courage. Like any leadership skill, courage is something that is learned and refined over time and it should form part of a leader’s inventory.

Many Leaders are wanting to know how to build courage and take themselves forward to new directions of success that will have lasting impact. In response to this urgent need, we have launched Courage Intelligence Program to provide future focussed leaders with an opportunity to build their courage as a skill.

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Courage Intelligence Model ™

Courage Intelligence (CQ) Program

The Courage Intelligence (CQ) Program will be launched through an initial one-day CQ workshop led by the LeadershipHQ’s Team, and will transform the way you think about courage within leadership and build your skills as a courageous leader.

The workshop will form part of our executive; emerging leaders, coaching and women in leadership programs, LeadershipHQ framework. This exciting MODEL will transform the way we lead and live.

The outcomes of the Courage Intelligence workshop will discover new ways of leading and behaving with courage in each of the 5 key areas:

  • Authenticity – trust, principles and values
  • Purpose – intent, emotion and reason
  • Impact – action, legacy, influence
  • Grit – passion, perseverance, resilience
  • Empathy- kindness, connection, awareness 

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Courage Intelligence Model ™

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