Culture Transformation

We Partner with Small to Medium Sized Businesses to Transform Their Teams and Cultures

Looking for a High-Performance Culture or Team?

That’s the way we’ve always done it…

If ever there was a phrase that represents being stuck in the past, and lack of innovation, that is it.

The old ways are not always the best ways. If you’re losing productivity, losing talented people and losing your profitability, it’s time to change.

Those signs tell you your culture is due for a change.

Those signs tell you your teams need to look at how they are operating.

A Great Culture looks like this:

  • High engagement
  • Strong leadership
  • People with ideas
  • Action takers
  • Great communication between people, teams and management
  • Clever strategy development
  • Willing and able workers
  • Happy staff
  • Vibrant…

A Tired and Outdated Culture looks like this:

  • High absenteeism
  • High staff turnover
  • Low morale
  • Low employee engagement
  • Increasing sick leave
  • Poor leadership
  • No innovation
  • Dull…

“It makes economic sense to change a culture that is not serving your business or your people.”

We work with you to transform your current culture into the vibrant, engaging and productive culture you hope for.

We implement strategies and workshops to design and implement vision, values, mission, and new leadership behaviours to create and nurture the organisational culture you need.

We create leaders who inspire and who inspire their teams to to be the best they can be too.

What is our strategy for cultural transformation?

Before we begin, it’s important you understand that changing your culture won’t happen overnight. It took years for your current culture to develop, however you can expect to see change begin within a year, if you continue to encourage it.

Understanding your current culture and what shaped it.

We examine your organisational structure, the internal power and political processes in place, your reward systems (official and unofficial), and the ‘legends’ that have built up over time. We need to know what is currently shaping and reinforcing the present culture.

Establishing key metrics so we can track changes.

Using the latest in diagnostic tools, we identify how your people are currently interacting, and identify the individual and group behaviours which are regarded as standard.

Analysing the metrics and identifying the areas that need to change.

The results of the metrics will show the areas of critical impact so together we choose a number to work on. We identify the areas which have most impact on your culture and work on those.

Design a strategy and action plan to map direction.

Now you have a clear idea of the areas requiring change, we develop a strategy and a firm plan of action to make it happen. We assess the impact on all stakeholders, and create an action plan incorporating a communications process as well as a leadership development plan and a risk assessment.

Regularly assess the progress of change.

Change is an ongoing process and if you don’t watch it, you lose momentum. It’s vital to keep measuring your progress to ensure it continues. It’s also important because it will help you detect and issues that may need to be addressed so you can deal with them before your process is derailed. Importantly, it’s vital to reward your teams for the changes they are making, and a regular assessment shows them the measure of their progress.

Being stuck with a dysfunctional culture costs your business time, money and reputation.

Your culture CAN be changed, and we can help you do it.

Contact LeadershipHQ today and start shaping the organisation and culture you want to see.