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 Ready for the Fast Track?

You know you are 99% ready to be an inspirational leader, but for some reason you keep going under the radar.

Maybe it’s your confidence, maybe it’s your mindset, maybe it’s your commitment.

Yet, you still have a burning desire to make it happen.

Stop messing around. Stop waiting. Stop wishing!

In just ONE DAY, I can show you how to become the leader you want to be!

Are you that sort of leader?

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I’m Sonia McDonald Founder and CEO of LeadershipHQ, leadership expert, author, and named as one of the top 250 women of influence, globally.

I have more than 20 years’ experience in leadership, as coach and mentor to some of Australia’s top business leaders.

I’ve learnt a thing or two in that time, and I’ve put all my secrets and knowledge into a One-Day Future Leaders Intensive workshop which will help you get your career going.

The Fast Track Leadership Intensive Lets YOU Take Charge of Your Career.  

What is the Fast Track Leadership Intensive?


This is a fast-paced program that covers:

Your leadership attitude – How to become aware of it, let it shine, and use it to quickly get your career off the ground.

Your personal leadership –  This is far more than a leadership style quiz! We guide you as you work through your beliefs, values and visions, and show you how to develop a leadership brand that fits you.

The power of people leadership – Why most leaders just don’t get it, and how YOU can be the leader that does, and inspires others to follow.

The power of clear actions – Why being decisive and confident is important to your followers and for your career, and how to make great decisions even when you’re unsure. Know where you’re going and how to get there.

And much more …

It’s practical. No airy fairy stuff. Just solid information and tools that will help you show how amazing you are as a leader.

Will you invest in yourself?

Will you give yourself one special day to become the person – the leader – you know you can be?

Don’t hesitate. Be decisive. Book now let me help you ignite your leadership career.

Your investment for this one-day intensive program is only $695

It will pay for itself in no time at all as your career develops in leaps and bounds.

Take charge of your career at last.

How about some bonuses?


When you attend the Fast Track Leadership Intensive, you will also be entitled to these FREE BONUSES!

  • Free access to the LEADERSHIP PLATINUM RESOURCE CENTRE filled with books, tools, videos and articles to support your ongoing leadership career worth $99.
  • A copy of the ACTION PLAN worth $49
  • Get your copy of LEADERSHIP ATTITUDE and JUST ROCK IT, my highly acclaimed leadership books at heavily discounted rates
  • Of course we will also feed you for the day and make sure you are hydrated and caffeinated!


You only have two options.

You do this and get ahead, or you don’t, and you watch others go where you could have gone.

So, are you ready to invest in your future and take charge this year?

‘Seize the day’

Step up and into a bright and exciting future.

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