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Do you want to make an impact in your role?

Do you want to go further, faster?

Are you ready to step up into leadership?

We have helped 1000’s towards Great Success.

Be honest. You know you want to create a great career.

You’re here because:

  • You know you’re ready to lead.
  • You know you’ve got what it takes to be great.
  • You have the energy to reach the top
  • You’re willing to invest in yourself and your future.

That’s where Fast Track comes in.

“Fast Track” Masterminds is a game changer. It is an intensive leadership and career development masterminds program designed to prepare you for incredible success in your career and life.

This program gives you everything you need to become an inspirational leader, along with the ability to handle it.

Fast Track will build up your knowledge, courage and conviction. It will refuel your energy and help you reach your highest potential.

“I loved the program – the facilitation was excellent and very interactive.

The blended approach of delivering leadership theory content in an active learning environment helps to cement topics, which can sometimes be out of reach for leaders. I believe this is particularly important for such a diverse group of people in the room.  I also thought the exercises in the workbook were relevant and a good takeaway from the program. A must attend program!


LeadershipHQ Alumni

Fast Track Today and move from Good to Great.  

It’s time to change everything.

About Fast Track Masterminds

This is a 12-month program which equips to become a leader or consolidates and builds on the skills and knowledge you already have.

We don’t just focus on first-tier leadership. Your career won’t end there.

We look at leadership all the way to CEO level.

Program Overview.

The program material falls into three main areas.

Advance – Step up to the start line and be clear in your vision of leadership. Discover the skills you already have and fill in the gaps. We’ll help you to squash any limiting beliefs holding you back, and guide you to find your voice, so you have the confidence to speak out and stand by your words. This is all about making sure you are fully equipped to be a leader.

Accelerate – Put your pedal to the metal and step into a leadership role. Learn to manage the existing leadership structure and understand how to make an impact on the world. Find your key role and put your thoughts and skills into action. This is all about becoming a strong and inspiring leader.

Attain – Speed to the finish line, wherever YOU decide that will be. When you’ve established yourself in a leadership role, you’ll need to build your network. Discover how to find your tribe, acknowledge their support and network effectively to achieve your goals. This is all about excelling in your leadership role and ensuring your organisation is in a prime position to succeed.

The program gives you all the tools, guidance and support you need, and supports as you take action. ‘Fast Track’ Masterminds gives you the confidence and skills to reach your highest potential as gives you the opportunity to work with a cohort of exceptional leaders and mentors.

“Fast Track” Masterminds is about believing you can change and become the person and leader you want to be.

The program gives you all the tools, guidance and support you need, and support as you take action. ‘Fast Track’ Masterminds gives you the confidence and skills to reach your highest potential as well as working with a cohort of exceptional leaders and mentors.

Sonia is amazing! Sonia has a thorough knowledge of leadership issues and a toolkit full of ways to overcome them. She shares this information with an infectious enthusiasm and passion. Sonia’s Program has not only given me better leadership skills, it has also given me a great support network of other leaders to help me throughout my career. Thank you Sonia!
Talia Guest

Is this the YEAR you achieve your career and business aspirations?

98% of LeadershipHQ Alumni say working with LHQ is the single largest contributor to their career breakthrough.

LHQ Alumni organisations have reported the ROI of an LeadershipHQ program has been 3 times the initial investment.

The LeadershipHQ Alumni Network are committed to developing leadership throughout Australia and have offered to pay 50% of eligible applicants Fast Track Membership for up to 5 participants.

To apply for this prestigious bursary please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Fast Track Masterminds includes

Face to Face Masterminds Workshops
  • 3 hours per month
  • These workshops take place in Brisbane CBD.
  • If you live interstate, we will organise for you to join online.
Masterminds Webinars
  • 2 Hours every month
  • Webinars will be facilitated live online BUT if you can’t make it you can review them at any time.
Monthly Group Call
  • Our monthly call will consist of training and an opportunity to ask any questions around the program content.
Fortnightly Content
  • Fortnightly leadership content and tasks to work through
Weekly Accountability
  • You will not be left on your own – you will be held accountable each week.
Online Resource Centre and Leadership Toolkit worth $500
  • The online centre provides a mix of resources around neuroscience, leadership and personal development, enabling you to engage and learn on the go. Once you join the program you have lifetime access to this incredible library of resources.
Private Facebook Group
  • This private group is only available for those taking part in the program. It is safe environment for everyone to connect and discuss their personal journey, knowing it’s a confidential and non-judgement space.
Guest speakers around Board Roles, Building your Network, Speaking and more!

Guest Speakers include:

  • One of Australia’s Leading CEOs who explains what it takes to be a great CEO, and how you can become one.
  • Australia’s Leading Speaking Coach shows how to find your voice and use it to make a real impact at work and out in the world.
  • Australia’s leading Financial Advisor reveals how to secure your financial future.
  • One of Australia’s leading Brand strategists talks about how to build a brilliant brand and why you’ll never reach the finish line without one.
Personal Branding Audit worth $500
  • An audit and assessment of your personal brand including your resume and Linked In profile and personal recommendations based on your individual career goals.
LeadershipHQ Magazine Profile worth $1000

A profile or editorial on you and/or your business or organisation in the Leaders Hub Magazine.

Networking Opportunities
  • Access to exclusive networking events through the year
  • Opportunities for qualified connections and links based on your unique situation and career goals
Two x One-on-One Executive Mentoring Sessions worth $1500
  • One-to-one coaching is to help everyone to reach their goals.
  • Session either in person or via Skype

Value of the Fast Track Masterminds

The tangible retail value of this program is over $15,000, however, the intangible benefits of your new network and new found confidence and skills is priceless.

When does it Start?

The Fast Track Masterminds commences in July 2018. Please register your interest at [email protected] or apply to us directly. 


“Fast Track” Masterminds starts with you NOW.

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