I remember going for an interview for a Senior Human Resources role here in Brisbane with a major government department . I was really excited as well as being rather nervous.
I thought the interview went great. The CEO was really innovative and dynamic and we got along brilliantly. Then the search consultant called me to give me feedback. Apparently the CEO also thought I was great (of course), however he didn’t think I was the right fit. I asked why? He said I was an entrepreneur. What?! I recall replying – what does that mean? What is an entrepreneur…?

“Someone who can define the business they want to create, see where it is going, and do the work to get there.”
Mark Cuban – Owner of Dallas Mavericks, Blogger, Shark Tank Investor

That CEO did me a favour. Even though I think entrepreneurial thinking is an asset!

I didn’t realise it. I didn’t see it. Evidently I did.

The thing with being an entrepreneur; we can lose FOCUS.

Let me share why and how this is a great strength and a great weakness.

We can’t stop thinking – and our brains are always buzzing. With ideas, innovations and new solutions to problems. We love to take risks and we are all about action. Brilliant.

I am always looking and chasing the butterflies and saying to those around me -what about this idea! That one! Let’s do this! Let’s create that!

Well maybe not so brilliant at times. I lose focus. Sometimes it is difficult to really achieve something when your mind is focussing on several different things. You are confusing the market – and you are confusing the universe. You can also confuse your team, your clients – and ultimately this detracts from your purpose. Then we can get tired, lose our passion and energy – it can become a vicious circle!


I am not saying we are all like this. Also it doesn’t just apply to the entrepreneurs out there.
What I am saying is be careful on what you focus on – and what you are manifesting.
One of my past mentors emailed me the other day and said to me; Sonia I know you love what you do, remember your focus. We need people like that in our lives to help and support us in bringing it back to why we do what we do. Life is way too short to be doing a million thing just okay. It is more empowering and powerful to focus on your rocks; those big things; your purpose; your why and do it brilliantly.

I am truly passionate about my purpose and wanting to make a difference. However even I have to take a step back and look at where I am focusing my energy and thinking.

Remember –
“Attention Goes; Energy Flows.”

Truly focus on what you really want, your dreams, your why and your purpose. Manifest it everyday. It is amazing to see what will come back…I promise.

Remember to always celebrate those small successes along the way too, and don’t lose focus.

“The gull sees farthest who flies highest”
Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull

I still love chasing my butterflies; however my focus is always front of mind…and heart.

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