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Ghosting In Business – It’s Not Over

Ghosting In Business – It’s Not Over

Ghosting In Business – It’s Not Over

Seen that movie – He’s just not into you? We need a movie called “They are just not into you or responding to you.”

We love to help SME’s, Start-Ups and Small Business thrive and be truly successful. We have lost the times we have worked with these clients around their strategy and leadership – and guided them around this perplexing ghosting and how to manage this.

My colleague who recently went from an internal executive role to working with us as a management consultant says to me recently – I can’t believe how many people ghost us! She says to me if she ever goes back into corporate life that she will make sure she responds.

Has this ever happened to you? A potential client has some challenges and needs and they reach out to you for solutions and strategies as they know you can help. You are an expert in your space and it is what your business does. You have a conversation to determine what is happening and how committed they are to solving their problems or helping them with their needs. They are committed and need help. So you arrange a meeting whether face to face or online. You spend an hour or two and maybe even more with them to do an analysis and you know you can help. You ask all the right questions and take a thorough brief. They ask for a proposal or presentation on next steps and solutions. You leave the meeting excited as you know this is something you love; you can help and you want to make them succeed.

You spend some time developing the strategy document, proposal or presentation and present it in a meeting. This can take days too! The potential client is excited and loves what you have presented. They share with you that next steps would be another meeting to discuss a way forward or a call to give you feedback. Then nothing.

You email several times; you follow up and leave messages numerous times and you wait a few weeks then months to follow up. Then nothing. You are confused and disappointed. Then you start to think that maybe something happened to them or they have chosen someone else or even they didn’t move forward with their plans. Who knows. You want to stay kind and respectful and it is tough when they don’t show the same kindness and respect.

Every minute, hour and day you put into meetings, calls and proposals is a cost to your business.

Believe me this has happens countless times in the past 14 years we have been in business and it is the greatest challenge to many of our peers and associates.

Would you like someone you love to be treated like this? Would you like your son or daughter who is in business to be treated like this? I don’t think so? Therefore don’t do it. Don’t ghost and reply!

Being clear is being kind. Being unclear is being unkind. Not replying or responding is being unkind and it is bad manners.

What can you do if you are in my situation (as well as countless others!)?

1.    Laugh at the situation and learn from it. What could you do differently or better next time. There are always learnings.

2.    Vet them more effectively at the start and ask better questions such as how much pain is the problem causing you and how is this impacting you? If you don’t fix this, what impact will it have on your business. What budget do you have around this? How committed are you to your development?

3.    Keep trying and keep the relationship going. This can be energy draining and would only recommend for a few months. I would let go and recommend following up 6 or 12 month later.

4.    Focus on doing great work and business with people and clients who really care and want what you do. You will find this energy and focus will help you attract better clients.

5.    Set intentions everyday around the clients you want to attract and work for. Ask yourself how can I attract A Grade Clients?

6.    Let them go with kindness and a positive energy. By letting them go with forgiveness and kindness means you are open to attracting greater clients. Sounds airy fairy but it works!

7.    Stay true to your values and always operate in the compass of your leadership and values and never let a rejection, a no or someone who ghosts you bring you down. In turn they might have a genuine reason they have not responded to your communication efforts.

8.    Delete. Don’t waste time on them. Time is money. Don’t engage moving forward as they are not values aligned. In turn, the more energy you put into them, the more messaging you are putting out to the universe that you accept this behaviour and type of client. Do you want this? It also applies to dating. F*ck them off (with kindness)…excuse the language but have the courage to do it. They are just not into you!

1.    Know your worth and remember it’s not about you. It’s about them. What you do and offer is valuable and worthy. If they can’t see it or see it right now, move on. Remember you rock!

Remember attention goes and energy flows. They will continue to ghost us without a doubt. What you and I need to focus on is where we put our leadership and attention if they do. Do you want to put your attention on client who ghost or open yourself up to even greater ones who will values and love your work and see the success you create for them?

Leadership, business and life are about choices. Lead it will kindness and courage. Australian Small Businesses are key to our economy. And Kindness is about respect and courage – always respond.

I get it – we all get busy however is ghosting the answer? No. And remember that might be a time you will need that business in the future?

Reach out if the team at LeadershipHQ can help you be the best you can be and also start and grow a brilliant business – we won’t ghost you!

For those reading this that have ghosted someone – please stay kind and respond moving forward always.

By the way I would play Jennifer Anniston in the movie above too….X

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