We Coach Great Leaders

Coaching helps leaders go from good to exceptional. We partner with SME’s, Small Business, Corporates and Government agencies from the frontline leader to the CEO!

Coaching conversations:

  • build self-awareness
  • uncover hidden strengths and limiting beliefs
  • offer new perspectives
  • evoke insight
  • support goal-setting, accountability and achievement
  • improve communication, and
  • enhance performance.

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Coaching for individuals, groups & interventions

Imagine a winning footy team without a coach… the truth is, all leaders need great coaches.

Our coaches will support you, challenge you, motivate you and cheer you on as you kick your leadership goals. We truly give a shit about making you exceptional.

We coach individuals, leadership teams and groups, either to support self-development, as part of our leadership programs, or when a workplace conflict is unresolved.

Here are just some of the ways we can help.

Individual coaching

In one-on-one coaching, your LeadershipHQ coach will help you evaluate your leadership, set goals and take your seat at the leadership table. Discover what drives and motivates you and leverage your strengths to improve personal and team performance and impact.

No matter where you are on your leadership journey, it’s never too early (or too late) to get a coach. Here are some of the reasons leaders work with us:

  • moving from team member to team leader
  • getting ready for the next promotion
  • making the most of a career or life change
  • maximising leadership impact
  • growing your business
  • leading through change or uncertainty.

Individual & group coaching in leadership development programs

In our experience, coaching supercharges leadership development programs. It gives leaders an opportunity to explore program content more deeply, gain personal insights, test new thinking, and get independent feedback as they make changes.

Where a 360-degree feedback diagnostic is undertaken, coaching is essential to help leaders process the results. Our coaches will guide leaders through the journey of awareness and acceptance to action.

Group coaching offers leaders experience in coaching their peers, and the opportunity to practise listening and appreciative inquiry skills. It also builds connection and trust.


Even in the best organisations, conflicts can develop between individuals and teams. Sometimes it helps to bring in a coach to get all the issues out on the table and push the relationship reset button.

Our coaches will help people move beyond their emotional responses, drilling down into the underlying causes of conflict and sensitively supporting people to start to heal and repair broken relationships.

What’s Involved

  • Monthly 60-90 Minutes Sessions Online or Face to Face
  • Leadership Toolkit
  • Leadership Journal
  • Online Program
  • Leadership 360
  • Leadership Diagnostic
  • LeadershipHQ Membership
  • HBR Membership
  • Weekly Check-In’s and Accountability
  • Sonia’s Books
  • Customised Resources
  • Member’s prices to events
  • Leadership Planner
  • Goal Setting

The 5 Leadership Framework

We believe at LeadershipHQ that there are five areas that are fundamental as a Leader.

This is something we focus on when we coach exceptional leaders and executives to be the best versions of themselves. This “WEEKLY” framework will bring that high performance in your leaders and teams –


Keen to know about the framework and the methodology behind it and receive a free sample? Contact us at hello@leadershiphq.com.au

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The Executive Inc.


The Executive Inc. brings together Leaders, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Managing Directors from SME’s and Start-ups, into an advisory board process through which thousands of leaders gain fresh ideas and new insights through our forums, thought leadership and networking.

About the Forums

Membership in Then Executive Inc. provides leaders and business owners the tools, resources and opportunities to Learn and Grow. Learning is a central theme of the forums and is one of the primary reasons Leaders, Entrepreneurs and SME’s choose to join. Members meet once a month for a half day with groups being a maximum of 12-16. Led by your Forum Leader, this environment is designed to address the unique opportunities and challenges you face as a top executive and business leader. These forums has distinct components such as educational, strategy and leadership.

11 x Monthly Forum Meetings for 3 hours 

The Hub Brisbane 9am – 12pm

Educational Component

Deep Dive

Interactive Peer Review

Resources and Tools

One on One Support


Online Community

Guest Speakers

Bi-monthly networking evenings


Why Join?

With markets changing fast there is little time to sort through ideas and figure out what to do – especially since you must keep your hands on the wheel right now. We will be covering “what we do right now” in People, Strategy, Sales, Marketing, HR, Execution, and Cash. In turn, we will help you with the best actionable ideas that you can use immediately. We will focus on supporting participants to survive now and to grow their companies with confidence and ease. We also offer a space for leaders to share any successes and challenges they may be going through. We will provide valuable feedback and advice from our Scaling Up Coaches & Leadership Coaches and other participants. We will help you become braver, stronger and better than before!


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