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Great Leadership needs to be our Focus today

Great Leadership needs to be our Focus today

LeadershipHQ’s Outstanding Leadership Awards are changing the face of Leadership 

Are you that great leader or team?

With so many of us facing incredible challenges and adversity over the past few years, we need great leaders and leadership to bring us hope and inspiration. The time is now to change the focus on this type of leadership. Those leaders and teams that have navigated the storms and rough seas with great courage and kindness. Are you that leader or team? Or do you know someone who possesses all the qualities of a true leader and more? Do you want to see kind, inclusive and courageous leaders being recognised today? 

You have until the 1st of May 2022 to nominate a great leader or team for an Outstanding Leadership Awards. The 2021/2022 Outstanding Leadership Awards recognises dedication, kindness, commitment, authentic and outstanding leadership across the world.

The winners of the 2021 awards will follow in the footsteps of 2020 Outstanding Leadership Award winners who optimise the courageous, kind, and inclusive leadership we at LeadershipHQ celebrate every day. 

Past winners include, Queensland Steel and Sheet CEO Cecily McGuckin and Rural Doctors Association Victoria Dr Daniel Wilson.

If you have already nominated someone or would like to support the awards in other ways, there is still plenty of time to become a partner and support the wonderful world of courageous, kind and authentic leadership, as well as attract and retain great talent and leaders. 

Outstanding Leadership Awards founder Sonia McDonald said great leadership is becoming an asset which organisations are looking to attract.  

“The awards champions and shines a spotlight on the greatest leaders from across the globe,” she said.

“It’s a great opportunity to be recognised as someone others seek to emulate and join other outstanding leaders and teams around the world.

“The pandemic has shown us just how much the world needs courageous and kind leaders who lead by example and have purpose, passion and drive. The past couple of years has been hard on all businesses, organisations, the economy, and our community. We need strong leaders who can lead the way.

“So, if you know of an amazing and deserving leader ot team, please nominate them for the Outstanding Leadership Awards. We need to change the face of leaders and leadership. We need great role models!”

The Outstanding Leadership Awards Gala Event will be live-streamed and live in Brisbane on 30th July, the day after the 2022 Courage Conference featuring Paul Scurrah and Christine Holgate. 

Thank you to our partners and sponsors – CQU, O.C. Tanner, Mars Wrigley, C3 Talent, McDonald Inc., Seymounr Whyte, Digital8 and Veriskills with more to be announced soon.

For more information or request a Partnership Kit and to find out more please contact Sonia McDonald on 0424 447 616 or visit:

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