Our Approach

Working face-to-face, online, or both, we challenge leadership mindsets while building skill sets, capability and confidence. We work with Executives, Middle Management, Emerging and Frontline Leaders across all industries and sectors. Leaders will discover who they want to be and what they stand for. They will become leaders who create better leaders.

Emerging Leaders

Making the transition from team member to team leader is exciting and daunting. Our programs give executives, future, first time and frontline leaders the knowledge, skills and practical tools they need to thrive. The focus is on personal growth, communicating with impact and motivating people to achieve.

Women in Leadership

The world needs more great female leaders. Our Women in Leadership programs are designed to accelerate and elevate women’s development. They are delivered over six to 12 months and address women’s unique challenges in their leadership journey. Through these programs, women develop the confidence, mindset and practical skills to lean into leadership.

Executive and Senior Leaders

Today’s organisations need leaders who can communicate a clear vision, set and execute strategy and drive change through uncertain times. Our Executive and Senior Leader development programs increase self-awareness, accountability and performance while supercharging leader confidence and focus. They are designed for senior and executive leaders responsible for the business direction, culture and performance.

Courage Intelligence Program

The Courage Intelligence Framework® can be utilised as a one-day standalone workshop, or as part of the Leadership Development Programs. This framework provides future focused leaders with an opportunity to build their courage as a skill, focusing on the key qualities of courage: Authenticity, Purpose, Impact, Grit and Empathy. Why are these qualities important?

Courageous leaders possess the ability to make bold decisions, take calculated risks and stand up for what is right, even in the face of adversity. By nurturing courage within our leaders, we unlock the potential for growth, innovation and success. This framework transforms the way you think about courage within leadership and builds your skills as a courageous leader. Download CQ Whitepaper here

Workshops and Masterclasses

No more boring workshops! At LeadershipHQ, that’s a promise. We design and deliver targeted workshops, masterclasses and team-building days. We guarantee highly engaging, interactive and fun learning experiences that inspire your leaders, build teamwork and deliver results.

Popular learning areas include:

  • Neuroscience of Leadership
  • Courageous Leadership
  • Women in Leadership
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Leading Culture
  • Transitioning into Leadership
  • Courage Intelligence
  • Leading High Performance Teams
  • Leading Multi-Generational Teams
  • Leading with Psychological Safety
  • Leading Hybrid and Virtual Teams
  • Emotional Intelligence and Grit
  • Leading Neuro-diversity
  • Plus many more

Leadership Microcredentials

Become a Verified Leader with LeadershipHQ. Together with QTAC and Veriskills, we give leaders micro-credentials through our One on One or Group Leadership Essentials Program, for individuals, executives & teams. After you complete our Leadership Essentials program, you will be issued micro-credentials accepted by QTAC in:

  • Initiative and Drive (Level 3)
  • Communication (Level 3)
  • Collaboration (Level 3)
  • Empathy (Level 3)

Veriskills™, backed by QTAC’s 40 years of experience in the assessment of formal and experiential learning, developed the Human Capability Framework to verify soft skills against a verified framework of abilities. Human Capabilities are soft skills that are not tied to technical competence and are what sets humans apart in this growing world of automation. VeriSkills™ verifies courses against the framework to determine the human capability outcomes and their corresponding level of achievement attained on completion of various courses. This program will give you the edge in leading remote teams and people as well as being the best you can be!

Who We Have Worked With