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Leadership Game Plan

Leadership Game Plan

If you think about it, being a leader is not much different from being the captain of a sporting team. Whatever your team sport, be it football, basketball, or athletics, you are still, essentially, a fundamental component of the team.

Unlike a coach, you’re not sitting on the sidelines, giving directions and demanding results. You’re in the thick of it, getting sweaty, dirty, and knocked about.

You work closely with the coach to help lead the team to the outcome you all want – success and a win!

So, what does your game plan look like? Where are you leading your team towards?


Think about your final goal. It might be a project you’re working on, or a long term vision that will continue to develop and evolve. What is it you and your team are playing for? Picture it clearly in your mind. Most sports champions will tell you that the more clearly you envision success, the more likely it is to happen.

The Game Plan

There are really two components to your game plan.

Firstly, before you delve too far into how you’re going to play, you need to know and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your individual players. You wouldn’t put your tech guy in the position of stakeholder engagement for example, like you wouldn’t play your shortest guy as center on the basketball court.

Determine which team member will play what position, based on the things they are good at and the things they enjoy doing.

Once you’ve worked out your team, it’s time to work on the plan.

Determine the strategic moves each player will make, as well as the movement and momentum of the team as a whole. Ensure they’re working together, passing the ball around and assisting each other, whilst still focussing on their strengths.

Watch the Playing Field

Work with your team, but keep an eye on what other teams are doing, too. It’s vital to keep up with the rules of the game you’re in, whether it involves changes to technology or communication, rules, and regulations, or the development of a new way of working. Keep up with the play, and change your game plan as you need to.

Celebrate the Wins

Although you’re in the middle of it all, it’s important to celebrate the wins as you go along. Small acknowledgements along the way, like cheering each goal made, help keep team morale up.

Remember, each ball in a basket or kicked through the goal posts is the sum of small steps along the way, not the final win. Acknowledge them, but keep the focus on your vision for the end of the game.

That’s when you can celebrate the big win!

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