Welcome to your Leadership Quiz

Are you a high performing organisation or team? How effective is your leadership? Is it valued? Is it nurtured? Is good leadership demonstrated across your whole organisation?

By completing this quiz, you will gain some insight into the way your organisation is being led and the impact your leaders are having on your organisational performance.


(Ranked 1 – 5 with 1 being least and 5 being best)

Organisation as Leader

Is your organisation clearly defining leadership expectations and standards?
We have clearly defined company mission, objectives, and goals.
Our people clearly understand the company mission, objectives, and goals.
Our people are committed to achieving the company's goals and objectives.
We have clearly defined organisational core values.
We have communicated our core values to our people.
Our people understand and behave according to our core values.
We communicate in honest and transparent style to our people and stakeholders.
Our CEO and executive team are excellent role models for the type of leadership we expect in this organisation.

Leadership Culture

Is the culture of your organisation producing the quality and standard of leader you need?
We invest in professional leadership development.
We dedicate time to identifying and meeting the development needs of our leaders.
We have a structured process for identifying and nurturing emerging leaders.
We understand the importance of employee morale and consider this when we are planning or making decisions.
Our people know the organisation cares about them.
We encourage our people to make suggestions for improvements to the way the organisation works.
We reward our people when they demonstrate our core values.
We recognise our leaders when they make courageous decisions.
We’ve given our leaders everything they need to excel in the role.
We support our leaders no matter what.

Leadership in Practice

What does leadership look like in your organisation?
Our leaders lead by example.
Our leaders have the leadership skills and resources they need to do their jobs properly.
Our leaders listen to their teams, encourage them to express opinions, and promote open conversation.
Our leaders ensure their teams understand how they contribute to the achievement of our goals.
The need for any change is clearly introduced, understood and supported by our people.
Leaders pay close attention to the impact change has on their teams and listen carefully to their feedback.
Our leaders encourage their teams to look for and recommend new solutions to problems.
Creative, proactive and decisive action is recognised and rewarded by our leaders.
Our people are encouraged to make decisions when something goes wrong.
Our leaders stand by their teams in good times and bad.
Our leaders are fair and ensure their team members understand and have access to conflict resolutions processes when needed.
Our leaders to delegate work to their team members and let them do it for themselves.
Our people have all the training they need to do their jobs well.
Our leaders offer their teams the opportunity to extend or develop themselves wherever possible.
Our people receive regular formal and informal feedback and coaching from their leaders.

Leadership Responsiveness

Are your leaders reactive or proactive?
Our leaders regard failure as an opportunity for growth.
Our leaders speak up when they see a potential problem and offer constructive suggestions.
Our leaders speak up and act when they see an opportunity to improve their individual, team or organisational performance.
Our leaders feel supported by the organisation, so they are prepared to take a calculated risk if necessary.
Our leaders can think for themselves and do what they think is necessary in a crisis.
The decisions made by our leaders sit well with our core values and mission.

Leadership Impact Signals

What signs of leadership impact do you see across the organisation?
We have a high employee retention rate.
Our people are highly engaged with their work and the organisational mission.
There is clear evidence of effective group decision making.
Our people have developed strong and cohesive teams, working well together even in adversity.
The workplace atmosphere is happy, with smiling faces and lots of conversation.
Our leaders feel empowered to do their job effectively.
Our people have shown their willingness to speak up when there is a problem.
Our people do not hesitate to approach senior management if they need to.
Our teams are capable of assessing risk, making clever choices and creating innovative solutions.
We reward our people when they excel.
We reward our people when they see or create an opportunity.
Even during times of failure, we reward our leaders for supporting the efforts of their teams.
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