Magazine Guidelines

Leaders Hub Magazine Advertising and Guidelines

Leaders Hub Magazine is the preeminent leadership and management magazine in Australia, profiling exceptional leaders in their field and providing insights into their challenges and their success. Articles in the magazine also help leaders to finesse their leadership skills with practical examples of how they can lead their team more effectively and for greater success.

Leaders Hub Magazine has a readership of over 50,000 per issue, reaching those in middle to senior management, emerging and future leaders and small to medium business CEO’s. It is the most varied and well-read periodical of its kind across the Globe and is fast gaining traction in an International audience with a release on Ebsco Host platform imminent.

“Get your business into the preeminent leadership magazine in Australia.”

Leaders Hub Magazine Advertising

Leaders Hub Magazine is a fantastic vehicle to advertise your business to those in middle to senior management, future leaders, those in the HR space or small to medium sized business owners. The magazine has not only a wide readership but also a credibility which can assist your brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Advertising spaces in the Leaders Hub Magazine are extremely limited and are not guaranteed upon application. Prices start from $200 per issue for a small classified advertisement and range to $2000 for a full page issue.

Editorial mentions, Advertorial features and ongoing advertising packages are also available and prices can be customised to the needs of your organisation.

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Advertising Guidelines

All advertisements for the Leaders Hub Magazine must be supplied as specified:

  • In the required size (see images above)
  • High resolution jpeg file in RGB colour space, as well as
  • High resolution jpeg file in CMYK colour space
  • No bleed or slug
  • Please email files in a zip file

Contributor Guidelines

Contributions are welcome for magazine articles from anyone who is a leader both in Australia and Internationally or from those who are or have done research in the fields of leadership, strategy, human resources and management. Interviews and Case studies from a wide variety of industries are also welcomed with a focus on the leadership structures and points of difference or challenges for the organisation.

“Make your voice heard, increase your profile and get published!”

Contributor Style Guide

Some general guidelines to help ensure the quality of your submission and consistency of articles. If you have any questions please contact us to discuss.

  • Please ensure your spellcheck is on UK English – this removes incorrect use of the letter Z instead of S for many spellings – only use the Z where it is a direct quote for US text.
  • When directly quoting a personal book, please use double inverted commas – for example, in her latest book, Sonia states, “Quote from Sonia”.
  • When emphasising text in relation to a turn of phrase, please use single inverted commas – for example, when I started my business, I knew ‘my mountain was waiting’.
  • When quoting a book title, please put in italics – for example, The One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.
  • Please avoid the use of ‘&’ use the full word ‘and’.
  • Please complete text in regular 11pt Times New Roman font.
  • It would be very helpful if you also did the basic spell and grammar check in Word as well as have at least two other people review and read your article before you send it to us.
  • What is the difference between a hyphen and a longdash – dash-vs- short-dash- vs-hyphen- when-to-use-what/