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Sonia McDonald, CEO at LeadershipHQ speaks at LeadX

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LeadershipHQ have launched their brilliant 2016 Events and Programs.

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  1. LeadershipHQ Coaching Accreditation Program

    October 31 @ 7:00 pm - November 1 @ 8:30 pm
  2. Just Rock It Book Launch

    November 1 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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7 Mistakes New Leaders Make in the First 6 Months https://t.co/sndogNLpqv
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What are the most common #leadership mistakes new leaders make? If you are a #newleader, read on! https://t.co/bAY3DpognC https://t.co/2TUTem15iS LeadershipHQ1 photo
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Just now I did an interview with Queensland Country Radio about this #metoo. Bullying, harassment and discrimination happens everywhere; an…
Property Council

Project Management Young Guns

Join the Property Council’s Future Directions Committee
for their final networking event.


Top 100 Leadership Blogs

for Executives, Managers and CEO’s.


CEO HQ Podcast

How To Gain Your Leadership Edge With Leadership HQ Founder Sonia McDonald.

Fastest Growing Careers and 50 Best Job Blogs to Follow

Here we look at Australia’s fastest growing jobs in Australia, and the best career blogs to follow for advice and insights.

Best 50 Leadership Blog Sites in 2016

The annual update on the 50 Best/Top leadership blogs on the web as of April 2016.

Women in Leadership & Management Australasia

Top 250 Female Leaders In The World

Top Brisbane Businesswoman Sonia McDonald Named In Top 250 Female Leaders In The World

The Moment HQ Podcast

“I think we get into this vortex and think, oh my gosh I have so much on my plate and I’m so busy. I think that’s my role as a leader to send out a message that says, I’m here. I’m present. I’m not “busy”, I’m just hardworking.”

– Sonia McDonald, The Moment HQ podcast

DEPOTnext Turbine Platform

Start preparing your ears and minds to be blown as we are only just over a month away until DEPOTnext returns to the Turbine Platform at Brisbane Powerhouse.

DEPOTnext Leadership As an Attitude

Check out this video, listen to Sonia’s story, and discover what it means to be a great leader in your business to take it to the next level!

Leader of Leaders

Leadership HQ’s ‘Leader of Leaders’ interview with Giam Swiegers.

Women Leaders Top 250

From Melinda Gates to Michelle Obama, These Are the Most Influential Women in the World.

Richtopia on Sonia McDonald

Check out this video, listen to Sonia’s story, and discover what it means to be a great leader in your business to take it to the next level!

Australian Leadership Bog - Sonia McDonald on Australian Leadership

“Aussies are known for an irreverent & laid-back approach to life and it shows in our approach to leadership”

Courageous Conversations – Why Aren’t We Saying What We Need Or Want?

Communication is the key to resolving conflicts, concerns, or even just to clarify things.

Conveyor - Leadership Attitude

Check out this video on Leadership Attitude!

Australian Centre For Leadership For Women - Diversity Award Winners

Letters from 2016 Diversity Award Winners and Finalists

Brisbane HR Summit

Speakers 2016

Business Acumen Magazine

LeadershipHQ chief wins Diversity Champion Award for empowering women

Business Analysis Professional Day

Images from Business Analysis Professional Day

Business Insider Australia

10 ways to be an authentic business leader

Business Insider Australia

INFOGRAPHIC: How To Be A Better Leader By Being Yourself

Business Insider Australia

There’s an excellent biological reason why you should go with your gut instinct

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Coaching Life

Women, Sport and Leadership

Gold Coast Bulletin

Women and the fine art of leadership

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Steve Knox

Orbiting Normal Leadership Insights Sonia McDonald

The Australian Business Review

Gender diversity needs a mixed team playing on a united front

The Ladies Lounge