Leadership Group Coaching

$390.00 / month for 12 months



Did you know that ROI for companies investing in coaching was 7 times the initial investment, with over a quarter reporting an ROI of 10 to 49 times? Improved leadership capability impacts all areas of your business leading to improved customer service and teamwork, more innovation, higher productivity and reduced costs.

This Program is lead by Sonia McDonald CEO anf founder of LeadershipHQ. It is an exclusive and customised Leadership Group Coaching Program and Toolkit which is focused on the development of targeted future and senior leaders as well as groups to ensure they reach their full potential.

“Sonia has been a highly engaging executive coach helping me to unlock superior levels of performance from my team, working with me on my leadership style and driving a highly engaged and motivated employee culture. She is 100% focused on her client, genuinely and authentically helping them to achieve outstanding results and perform at their best”

Jaime Burnell


We work at all levels to define, enhance and align individual goals with a focus on personal style, mindset, people skills, and the business environment. To successfully influence other people’s values and behaviour, leaders must have a high level of insight into their own. Our coaching methods allow your teams to explore their thinking, communication, values, and behaviour through discussion, self-reflection and action.

We help you get the best from your leadership and address any business and performance or skills gaps by providing you with clarity, performance, focus, motivation, and results.

Leadership Coaching also helps leaders to build insight into their own behaviour and values and to use their skills and strengths to manage themselves and improve relationships. With a neuroscience and action learning approach, this program will provide you with the skills, insights, and learning and empower you to be the best leader you can be!

If you are ready to move beyond the normal standards of leadership and business to become a truly exceptional leader, you are ready for YOUR Group Coaching Program.


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