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Transitioning into Leadership Workshop

For Brisbane Future Leaders!!

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The Transitioning into Leadership Workshop has been designed to develop the leadership capabilities of future leaders. Through the workshop, emerging leaders will gain confidence in their leadership abilities and learn how to use them to improve team performance and productivity.

The emphasis of the program is on the individual. Through a combination of workshops and reflection, we help your leaders to realise their own potential and to become the kind of leader they want to be.

What will the Program give ME?

The Transitioning into Leadership Workshop will give you confidence in yourself as an individual and as a leader.

You will learn about yourself and the personality traits you have which can help or hinder your personal development.

You will discover how others see you and learn how to present yourself as a credible and inspiring leader.

You will improve your understanding of the way individuals operate and how that influences the potential success of a team, so you can nurture and guide them when necessary.

You will learn how to harness your strengths and develop your capacity to lead and
 manage effectively in a changing environment.

You will discover the power of your influence and how to use it wisely to persuade others towards successful outcomes.

You will discover what drives and motivates you and how to maintain your motivation while still maintaining balance and focus.

Why it is a GREAT Program! 

The beauty of the Transitioning into Leadership Workshop is that it will meet YOUR development needs. The program helps give you the skills and confidence to be the Leader you want to be, drive your performance, improve your skills and mindset, build leadership capability and confidence, and build your leadership!

“Sonia has been instrumental in developing my transition from Manager into Leader. Her support, encouragement and tailored methods for coaching are invaluable along with her energetic passion for bringing out the best in people makes for an enjoyable coaching experience.”

Cindy Thomas

 What’s Involved!

  • One Day Workshop
  • Leadership Toolkit
  • Learning Journal
  • Leadership Attitude Book by Sonia McDonald
  • Access to our Online Leadership Centre worth $99
  • Members rate to our Online Leadership Academy 
  • Articles and Resources
  • 1 x One on One 45 minute Leadership Coaching worth $500
  • Lots of fun and ACTION!

The Workshop

Attitude – set your mindset for the success

Self – self-awareness, and authenticity leads to openness and trust

People – people, connection and relationships are crucial

Inspire – inspiring others to greatness 

Results – leadership is about vision, action, and outcomes 

Engagement – relationships that build and connect people

Modules include – 

  • Personal Leadership – why leadership values. purpose and beliefs
  • People Leadership – leadership styles, communication and motivating and inspiring others
  • Performance Leadership – delivering results and change through Leadership

 Your Outcomes


  • CONFIDENCE in your leadership skills and abilities
  • ENTHUSIASM to continue your leadership development
  • DETERMINATION to become the leader you have the potential to be

  • SELF AWARENESS to understand your own reactions and beliefs and how to manage them to achieve leadership and team success

Why We Do It 

Headed by Sonia McDonald CEO of LeadershipHQ is one of Australia’s top leadership coaches and was recently named in the Top 250 Influential Women Leaders across the Globe. She also has over 30 years’ unparalleled experience in leadership coaching, facilitation, and development.

Her company LeadershipHQ is all about building great leaders who in turn build great companies.

Leadership makes a difference. We all want to be led by great leaders. We want to be inspired. We want to grow. We want to be part of something that has purpose.

We create great leaders so you can create great companies, and together we build a strong and successful nation.

It’s leadership that makes the difference. 

What’s required! 

To register for the program; please pay below or contact LHQ at and we will send you an invoice.

We also run the program internally for Organisations so please reach out if you would like us to run this workshop just for you! 

If you have any dietary requirements please let us know. 


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