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Brisbane CBD

9.00am – 4.30pm – includes workshops, books, toolkit, delicious food and drinks, networking, coaching and more!

The Program will give you confidence in yourself as an individual and as a leader. Our program will give you confidence in yourself as an individual and as a leader. You will learn about yourself and the strengths you already have that will help your personal development. You will discover a new sense of self and gain a new mindset. You will learn how to harness incredible courage and bravery. You will be able to build an incredible brand and be able to understand your why, purpose and passions. You will discover the power of resilience and how to use it wisely towards successful outcomes. You will discover what drives and motivates you and how to maintain your motivation while still maintaining balance and focus! Sonia is an inspirational and dynamic leadership coach. She energizes and motivates people to be bold, to focus on their personal strengths, and to ultimately forge their own authentic leadership journey. Sonia’s workshop program is insightful, engaging and rewarding

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