Leading Executive Recruitment and Search 

We are all about the best talent and leadership. We’re all about candidate and client management and care, and matching the right executives to the right companies and positions.

This is why we have started offering executive coaching sessions with shortlisted and successful candidates that are based on your company’s needs, to ensure that each candidate and your successful placement embodies the leadership skills and mindset necessary for an executive position.

In turn, every Placement receives a 3 Month Executive Coaching Package as part of the fee.

That is why we are different. 

These sessions also help us gauge the values and strengths of each candidate so that we can further determine their suitability.
We want to make sure your company gets only the best and most suitable candidates to fill your executive positions because we know the utter importance of having executives that are not only qualified but have values and strengths that align with your company’s philosophy and culture.

Having the wrong person for the position will only hinder your business, and it’s not a risk that you should take. Let us do the hard yards to find your next executive.

With the right executive, your corporation will experience success unlike ever before, and we’ll help make the right choice for you!

Our Recruitment Service uses our wide network of connections to help our partners find new superstars and our candidates find incredible new positions! But LHQ doesn’t just match you with any company! We vet all companies we partner with, and make sure that they focus on three core areas

  • Leadership development
  • Anti-bullying
  • Diversity and inclusion

We want our candidates to feel safe knowing they are applying with companies who are as committed to these areas as we are. If a company doesn’t have a focus on these points, we offer assistance to them, or we refer them to one of our valued partners for help in increasing the focus on these key areas.

Every Placement receives a 3 Month Executive Coaching Package as part of the fee.

That is why we are different. 

We vet them against the following criteria -


Leadership Development

Whether they have strong leadership development training in place; that they understand the importance of fostering great leadership and helping their leaders and potential leaders grow.


Anti Bullying Policies and Procedures

Everyone has the right to work in a safe environment, so we ensure that companies have strong anti-bullying measures in place, including training and workshops, and that they are committed to stamping out workplace bullying.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Diversity and inclusion should be embedded in any organisation’s culture. If a company does not have a D&I strategy in place, including things such as women in leadership, then we will refer you to an organisation that does (and help the previous one out to improve on this!)

So if you’re looking for a recruitment service that will match you with a company that invests in your development, has a staunch anti-bullying stance (with policies and procedures to back it up) and focuses on diversity and inclusion, talk to us at LeadershipHQ today.

If your organisation would like an assessment of how you’re faring in these key areas, get in touch now for a consultation with one of our experts to discuss how LeadershipHQ can help you enhance these areas and make your business more attractive to potential recruits – and keep your current employees feeling valued and working at their best!




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