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A number of PDF Forms to use as handy leadership tools.

Leadership Attitude Academy Summaries

Summaries of each chapter within the Leadership Attitude Academy


Agile leaders choose the right action despite changing circumstances.

Balancing Your Life

Balancing Your Life – How to take control of your life balance.

Building Your Tribe

Building Your Tribe – Creating high quality professional networks


Business text – what to expect from these articles

CEO Articles

CEO Articles – Being the best CEO you can be


Managing and mastering the opportunities change brings to your organisation.


Supporting and empowering your leaders through specific coaching techniques.

Communicating as a Great Leader

Communicating as a Great Leader – How to win over crowds and be an inspiring influencer.

Customer Service

The power of service within your team and how it translates to your customers.

Developing and Aligning Your Team

Developing and Aligning Your Team – Creating and maintaining strong teams


Defining the value of diversity; how to become an inclusive organisation.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence – Understanding how to maintain a level headed emotional attitude within the work place

Empowering Others to Change

Empowering Others to Change – How to successfully influence and empower those around you


Creating engagement – engaged team members boost performance and profitability.

HR Articles

HR Articles – Understanding the recent changes to the world of Human Resources


Recognising, sharing and managing innovation to put your organisation on the cutting edge.

Latest Research Links

Latest Research Links – The latest research data in multiple aspects of business

Leader (the) as a Coach and Mentor

Leader (the) as a Coach and Mentor – How to effectively coach and mentor employees


Recognising and nurturing leadership attitude, talent and potential.

Leadership Tools

Leadership Tools – Tools and guides to improve on your leadership methods

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A resource for leaders covering all aspects of leadership attitude and skills.



The latest in management thinking to inspire and motivate your team.


Why mindfulness is a vital leadership skill and how to achieve it.

Must Read

The latest and most exciting information about leadership and business.


Discover how the brain works and influences your leadership actions and style.

People & Culture

Helping shape the culture of your team and organisation with your unique people.

Performance Management

Getting the best out of your people through cooperation and true leadership.

Personal Development

Discover and polish your unique personal qualities to boost leadership performance.

Reward and Recognition

Reward and Recognition – Powerful tips on rewarding and recognising employees

Sales & Marketing

An understanding of how the human brain works can be the key to creative sales, marketing and branding.


Strength – Understanding how to be strong, courageous and successful.

Strengths Leadership

Strengths Leadership – Having ambition and vision as a leader


Technology – The ever changing world of Technology and how it can benefit your business

Strengths Leadership

Why you should lead from your strengths and how to do it.

The Motivated Leader

The Motivated Leader – Ensuring you stay motivated and have the right attitude as a leader.


Women have a specific skill set they need to recognise and which organisations must learn to tap into.