Social media is an amazing tool for gathering information and for gauging the mood out there in the real world.

Or is it?

How often do we see comments these days about the lack of transparency on Facebook or Twitter? I regularly see people – or even memes – reminding people not to be jealous of what they see on social media. It’s only part of the picture.

Think about it. What do you post about? At a guess, I’d say most of us post about the good stuff. We don’t tell people about the struggles that go on behind the scenes, or the fight you had with our partner over work, or complain about our work.

We’re not giving a balanced view of what’s really happening, are we?

So, what does that mean for you as a leader if you’re relying on what you read on social media?

It means you’re making decisions with only half the information you need. Your decisions and your leadership are misguided.

What’s the problem with acting on social media information?

You’ve only done part of your research.

You don’t really know your team – your people.

Your decisions might be ok, but you’d have to put that down to luck!

If things aren’t working, your decisions are stuffed up.

Don’t tell me you don’t have time…

It’s easy to say you don’t have time to go out and research. We’re all feeling the pressure of deadlines and life in general. Believe me, I know what it’s like to be pulled in a dozen different directions at once. And they’re all urgent, right? Well, they are to someone, apparently.

But think about it.

How long do you spend on social media looking for answers? And be honest. You have to admit that it’s almost impossible to go onto Facebook or another platform and not be distracted by what you see there. I’m guilty of that, too. All those funny images or interesting links…

But there does the morning and nothing has been done.

When you’re making an important decision, avoid social media.

You know what I’d like to see?

I’d love to see you skip social media when it’s time to make decisions as a leader. Save all that time you’d have used in front of the screen and find your information the old-fashioned way.

I’d love to see you change your leadership attitude and get back into the real world.

Be the amazing leader you are; get out there and reconnect with your team. You’re dealing with humans – multidimensional beings. Go out and talk to them. That’s where you’ll find the real information; the good, the bad and the stuff you don’t want to know but should!

Skip social media and go straight to the source – get back in touch with your people. You’ll make better decisions, and make them faster and with more confidence. You’ll have more buy-in from your team, too, because they’ve been part of the process.

Technology is great, but it can truly get in the way of our relationships. And a leader who doesn’t have a relationship with his or her team members is no leader at all.

If you’re relying on social media for your research because you are hesitant to talk to you team, you need our help.

And if you’re struggling with decision making as a leader, you need our help, too.

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One of those could be you!

No more stuffed up decisions for you, my leadership friend. Talk to me (Sonia) and let’s make this year your year of superb choices!

Just Rock It! Sonia x




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