Trackstar – Richlands to Springfield Rail Project

For over 18 months, LHQ worked with the leadership team for their $450 million rail project. This project is very important for Thiess and the alliance partners QR, TMR, Aecom and Aurecon.

They were committed to making sure their leaders were being supported, developed and effective. As their Project Leadership Coach, I worked closely with the leaders and their teams to develop and implement interventions based on leadership, project and team effectiveness and excellence.

We facilitated team effectiveness and alignment sessions across the project segments, implemented culture and engagement strategies, conducted Leadership Excellence coaching with all the senior leaders and ran a Lessons Learnt Workshop with over 100 staff as well as a Mentoring Program.

We worked closely with the Alliance Manager and the Construction Manager to make sure we had our finger on the pulse ofthe challenges that the leaders and teams were facing, as well as developing and partnering with them as their trusted leadership advisors. We continue to work with Thiess on their major projects as their Project Leadership Consultant.

Results: Improved Leadership Capability, Team Alignment, Mentoring Program, Staff Engagement, Motivated and Cohesive Workforce that is open to positive change.

Genie – Terex Company

LHQ started working with Genie over 2 years ago when the Vice President saw a need for their General Manager to undertake Leadership Excellence Coaching. We worked closely with the General Manager as his trusted leadership advisor and developed a leadership and team strategy.

We took his team offsite for threedays and conducted a team and strategy alignment workshop. This included team effectiveness, team building, strategy, alignment and next steps.

In turn, we work with the GM and team to make sure the action items happened! The leadership coaching was so successful that the General Manager asked us to implement the same program for his team as well as team leadership sessions. We continue to work closely with this business and their people strategy.

Results: Improved Leadership Capability, Team Alignment, Strategy and Culture Improvement and Staff Engagement, Team Focus, Strategic Planning, Increased Confidence and Motivation Levels.

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McConaghy Properties

The two years that LHQ has been working with McConaghy Properties has proved to be extremely beneficial for their company.

We delivered our leadership programs and offered one-on-one coaching to their executive team and senior leaders, in alignment with our leadership and coaching programs.

These programs are tailored to the needs of the individual company, so that the content remains relevant and interesting, which keeps their leaders motivated to grow and improve.

Results: Continually improving leadership skills, Enhanced management skills through one-on-one coaching, Improved Motivation and Strategic Planning.

Kane Constructions

LeadershipHQ worked with Kane Constructions over twelve months, with incredible outcomes. We offered their ten leaders training and coaching to push them to better themselves as leaders and to increase their confidence in their skills.

The outcome of this partnership was fantastic – all ten leaders have remained with the company and have taken the next step in their roles.

Results: Improved leadership skills, Retention of all leaders,Motivation to improve, Confidence Boost, Embracing Positive Changes.

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Spell & The Gyspy

LHQ partnered with Spell & The Gypsy to design, develop and deliver a bespoke Cultural Strategy with Vision, Mission and Values.

We designed and delivered a One day workshop for their team with a focus on leadership, awareness and the leadership team came up with a brilliant set of vision, mission and values.

“It is our vision to become one of the most inspiring and conscious fashion brands in the world. (This is an ambitious statement we know!) But we know our WHY, and our why is to positively impact our planet and it’s people in every single thing we do, playing our part in preserving our beautiful earth for our children, and our children’s children.”

Results: Improved Leadership and Awareness. Improved Staff Retention and Engagement. Improved Teamwork.

Ostwald Brothers

LeadershipHQ (LHQ) has worked with Ostwald Brothers for twoyears as their leadership and strategy consultants.

Ostwald Brothers is a family-owned company whichhasseen rapid growth over the past few years and they continue to grow.

LHQ not only helped to build their leadership team, but also worked closelywith the HR Manager and COO to design and implement a cultural assessment and intervention for over 900 staff over 30 sites.

Partnering with Zenger Folkman’s strengths-based leadership organisational cultural assessment, we were able to gain insights and data around how their staff saw and felt about their values, leadership, communications, safety, structure and culture.

From there, working closely with the Executive Leadership team, we developed strategies and interventions around how Ostwald Brothers could take steps to becomean employer of choice.

We have partnered with this company and now work with them in terms of Organisational Development Strategies, Leadership programs and Leadership Coaching. It has been great to see how this business is evolving and building a company which is aligned with their vision and values. We are so proud to be part of this.

Results: Improved Leadership across several Departments, Culture Strategies and Improvement, Increased Retention Engagement, Increased Levels of Motivation, Willingness to embrace Positive Change.

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Feros Care

Over several months,LHQ partnered with Feros Care to design, develop and deliver a bespoke Mentoring Program and a licenced program.

We designed and delivered a six-month mentoring program for their team, to coach and train them in improving their leadership skills. Our tailored program included a one-day workshop, with a bespoke toolkit and tools, activities and resources, which delivered an outstanding program for the client.

We also developed customisedresources, slides and toolkits for Feros Care, and gave their HR team the licence to deliver it as their own material, moving forward. They were grateful for this, as the material produced incredible outcomes for their company, such as increased performance and retention.

Results: Increased Performance, Improved Staff Retention. Improved Teamwork, Recognisable Increase in Motivation Levels.


In 2018, LHQ partnered with WorkCover to licence their Human Resources Team for our cutting edge Emerging Leaders Program. Over two days, we licensed their five-person HR team in our Emerging Leaders toolkit and program (which is filled with brilliant bespoke resources and tools) and they are now delivering this program themselves across the company.

The following is feedback from their L&D Manager, Nadine: “We are progressing well with our Emerging Leaders program and are just over the halfway mark. We run fortnightly three-hour workshops with the groups to cover off all of the modules. The feedback is excellent and the growth of the group is so exciting to see.”

We are incredibly proud of the work we have done with Workcover Queensland as well.

Results: Encouragement of New Leaders, Encouragement for Licensed Program for Emerging Leaders delivered by HR, Positive Change and Personal Growth.