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Future Leadership Globes Most Critical Issue

Is the development and focus on our Future Leaders the globe’s most critical challenge? I know this might seem to be an interesting question to ask and yes there are many key issues and challenges across the world today. Many of which are fundamentally essential to our globe. Last year the World Economic Forum stated some key […]

7 Top Tips Self Leadership

Leadership is an Attitude. Not a Role or Title. Self Leadership starts with YOU. Tip No 1 – Self Awareness We spend so much time trying to be successful or climbing the ladder; when we should spend time getting to know who we are. Our strengths, passions, dreams, triggers, faults, styles and continuously learning about […]

Leadership Strategy And Why Your Business Needs One

Great leaders know that planning is an indispensable process that can improve their organisation’s growth and sustainability. This is why many companies devote so much time and resources to developing plans for every major component of their business. Your business plans shouldn’t end with corporate budgets, sales projections, hiring policies and marketing practices. According to […]

Darth Vader Leadership

Or Why You Should Take Lessons In Leading From The Dark Lord Of The Sith This Star Wars Day If you are wondering who the Dark Lord of the Sith is then you have probably never seen any of the Star Wars films. And since that is not illegal (yet), you need to know that the […]

Jamie Oliver Leadership

It’s not something we might spend a lot of time considering but the ‘‘why’’ behind what we do has a major impact on the choices we make and the actions we take. What do I mean by the ‘why’? Simon Sinek describes it as “The purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what […]

Leadership Is An Attitude

Attitude, Not Aptitude Determines Altitude Zig Ziglar A few months ago I was speaking about Leadership and Confidence to 200 University students. It was one of the best days I have had this year. What struck me was not only their commitment to being there, listening and really being involved in the presentation, but their […]

Hiding Behind Leadership Mask

Always Be Yourself, Express Yourself, Have Faith In Yourself, Do Not Go Out And Look For A Successful Personality And Duplicate It.   Bruce Lee If you are a new leader in the present-day world, you may find it natural to adopt a new identity that will help you hide your vulnerability and uncertainty.  Everyone […]

Decoding Leadership Effectiveness

Creating Leadership That Works! So much discussion centres on leadership. We at LeadershipHQ know as well as anyone, because of course we add to it! In all the sentences, articles and conversations, it can be difficult to assess what appears to be most important in terms of skill and behaviour, for you personally as a […]