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Exhausted, Already?

It is April, and we are hearing—I am already done. Is it Christmas yet? I am overwhelmed. I can’t keep up. I am racing through life. I am so busy. There is too much change. The pace of life is challenging. Expectations of me are too high. I am juggling too many balls. Life is […]

Difference Between Burnout and Stress

I am burnt out I hear you saying!!! I am hearing you loud and clear…. We all know what stress feels like. It’s that feeling of being overwhelmed, anxious, and constantly on edge. As leaders, we are more susceptible to stress than ever before. But what is stress, really? And how can we avoid letting […]

Leadership, Habits and Ego

Table of Content: Leadership Habits Building Good Habits and Breaking Old Habits How You Can Build Good Habits Practice what you preach Be optimistic Be confident in your abilities Create a good working environment Praise where it’s due Listen and communicate How to Keep Your Ego in Check How We Can Help Leadership Habits As […]

Leadership Recipe Book

Why Leadership Is Important in Life (And How To Develop Leadership Skills) Ready to learn more about being a Great Leader and learn some amazing Leadership recipes that will wow your team, business life and career? Let’s get started and get your equipment and ingredients ready below. Chapter One – Why Leadership Is Important in […]

How to Stuff Up Your Culture In 5 Easy Steps

Does your workplace have a great culture? Are your employees happy, loyal and productive? Creating a positive culture can take years of hard work, but it’s easier than you think to stuff up your workplace culture in just weeks if you’re not careful. A toxic culture can destroy your business from the inside out and […]