LeadershipHQ Coaching Accreditation Program February

LeadershipHQ Coaching Accreditation Program February

Become a Licensed LeadershipHQ Coach!

Discover how to unleash your personal leadership power.
Learn to challenge, encourage and support others and create exceptional leaders
Gain access to our comprehensive and successful Performance Coaching Toolkit

The world needs more leaders! Leaders with vision. Leaders who understand people. Leaders who really care about helping people achieve peak performance and satisfaction.

Are you that sort of leader?

If so, the world is waiting for you to share your skills. Become a Licensed Leadership Attitude Coach.

What is Leadership Coaching?

Leadership Attitude Coaching takes a very human approach to the building of leaders. This tested and proven program is based on how the human mind works. When you work with the human brain, rather than against it, you achieve faster, more powerful and long-lasting results. With LeadershipHQ’s tailored program and proven coaching model, you will develop a strategy for coaching based on your unique strengths and abilities. You will fine-tune your existing leadership skills and stretch yourself beyond the standard coaching role.

What will the Leadership Coaching Program Give Me?

The Leadership Coaching Program will equip you with all the skills and knowledge you need to become an outstanding leadership coach. You will learn to understand and use the coaching model which has been applied successfully across a range of industries from mining to retail. You will also be given access to a comprehensive 366-page Performance Coaching Toolkit and Leadership Attitude book to support your work as a coach. You will also receive a copy of our LeadershipHQ 360 Survey.

You will be able to purchase additional copies of the toolkit and 360 surveys for yourself and your clients via LeadershipHQ Team at a discount.

What YOU Get!

  • 366 Page Leadership Toolkit
  • Leadership Academy 
  • LeadershipHQ Satchel
  • 170 Slide Deck to Run Workshops
  • Lots of Tools and Resources
  • Leadership Attitude Book
  • Strengths Finder Assessment
  • LHQ 360 Assessment
  • LHQ Journal
  • 7 Module Online Program every Tuesday for 7 weeks from 7pm-8.30pm (will be recorded)

What are the Benefits of this Program?

You will become a better leader because you understand how the human mind works.
You will understand the key components of the coaching process and know when to use each one
You will have the Performance Coaching Toolkit to guide you as a coach
You will help people realise their leadership potential and boost their capabilities
Your new skills will help your organisation reach its goals.

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What does the Program Cover?

This online program will cover:

  • The psychology of leadership development
  • Understanding the LeadershipHQ Leadership Model
  • Becoming a better leader
  • Identifying your personal strengths, beliefs and leadership vision, and how to use those to become an inspirational coach
  • Understanding and motivating people
  • The neuroscience of leadership
  • How to empower others to lead
  • Coping with change
  • Building your personal coaching business plan for the future

Who Leads the Program?

The Leadership Coaching Program is facilitated by Sonia McDonald, CEO of LeadershipHQ.
Sonia is a thought leader, dynamic speaker, entrepreneur and writer who has over 25 years’ leadership development experience. Her natural ability to network, build connections and develop collective leadership within groups has become a trademark of her coaching and training approach.

Sonia is an energetic and enthusiastic trainer and leadership coach and will equip you with everything you need to become a successful Leadership Coach. She has worked for many years to help people create and build great dreams, leadership and businesses.

What does Licensing involve?

To become a Licensed Leadership Coach, you must attend this online workshop and sign a Confidential License Agreement. This ensures you are completely ready to start or further your coaching career. Licensing also guarantees you our ongoing support as you build your business as well as free access to our Online Leadership Academy Site and Online Platinum Resource Centre.

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Contact LeadershipHQ today for more information on how you can become a Licensed LeadershipHQ Coach at [email protected] or 1300 719 665.

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Leadership Masterclasses

Leadership Masterclasses


LeadershipHQ are so excited to be offering you the opportunity to join us at not-to-be-missed events!

Seats to our events fill up FAST so book your spot QUICK! FIRST 10 GETS FREE TICKET!

Our Masterclasses are hosted by the team at LHQ and delivered by Sonia McDonald CEO & founder of LeadershipHQ as well as amazing guest speakers.

During these incredible events, you’ll be given the key tools AND skills to ROCK IT in every area of your career and leadership!

These FREE events are an opportunity to learn, connect and take action!

16th November – 5 Keys to Being a CEO

2019 Dates

Performance Leadership 

13th February 

Start the year with courage and determinaton. This masterclass will help you discover how to be brave and achieve your goals for 2019. It will be a masterclass that focuses on self awareness and discovery to inspire and help you achieve performance and action. We will give you the tools and plans to start the year with a clear path and direction. 

Building a Great Culture for Teams and Business 

13th March

You’re only as good as the team you have around you, and we believe in having a great team culture throughout your whole business. You’ll get the building blocks and the guidance you need to foster (or create) the best teamwork culture for your company. When a team works together, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. You’ll find out how to balance different personality types within your team and encourage everyone to do their best. 

Fast Track Leadership – How to Fast Track our Leadership with High Impact Skills 

10th April 

At LHQ, we love to help people find the leader within! This section is all about quickly improving your leadership talents with the skills that will make the biggest impact possible. Becoming a leader isn’t easy, but if you’re willing to put in the work, we can fast-track your leadership journey with high impact skills. Get ready to lead your team and business to greatness with the fantastic skills you’ll learn. 

Leadership for Start Up’s and SME’s – Building Great Leadership within Busines

8th May

Leadership in big companies is a much different kettle of fish to leading within SME’s. Within this section, you’ll learn all about how to build great leadership within your business. You can’t be the only leader, so it’s important to know how to pick the leaders among your team and build them up into inspiring leaders who can fill in for you when needed, and lead their own teams within your larger team. 

Connections Matter – How to leverage your connections and grow your career and business 

12th June

That old saying is true, ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’. Connections are vital in business; you won’t get far without making meaningful connections with clients, suppliers, your team – anyone you come into contact with while running your business. We’ll teach you how to use your connections to your benefit, without coming off the wrong way. This is a vital way to grow your career and your business.

People Leadership – Why Leadership is about Others and learn key people skills 

10th July

To become a great leader, you need to know how to identify and deal with a variety of different types of people. Being a leader isn’t just about you, it’s about others too. We’ll help you learn key people skills to get the most from each team member, and how to interact with the different personality types that we come into contact with not just in business, but everyday life as well. You’ll feel more confident about situations when you’re equipped to handle others, thanks to the key people skills you’ll learn.

Board Leadership – Insights on Board Leadership 

14th August

This leadership masterclass focuses on Board Leadership. We’ll give you valuable insights to help you effectively lead and work within a board set up, leaving you confident and ready to take on any challenges you may face in the boardroom. Whether you’re just stepping into this role, or need a refresher, this is a seminar (What event is this?) you won’t want to miss! 

We also have amazing prizes and offers on the night! 

Contact the team at LeadershipHQ if you have any questions at [email protected]

Top HR Trends for 2019

Top HR Trends for 2019

Eric Swenson, leadership and workforce strategist and author of The Five A’s of Great Employees and Managing People in the 21st Century hosted a webinar for Ascentis.com that provided insights into what he believes will be Human Resources’s top trends in 2019, and how to face the changing world of Human Resources.

Technology continuing to increase

As businesses try to keep up with the almost constant increases in workplace technology and utilise them to improve their training, recruiting, engagement and other facets of HR-related activities, the HR professional must realise (if they haven’t already) that technology will be their new best friend when it comes to workplace relations. Innovation and productivity will be driven by technology, aided by those in HR who embrace the advantages that said technology gives them.

Adapting to the changing workforce

It’s already occurring in many companies around the world, and as more Millennials enter the workforce, they bring with them the desire for working remotely, including overseas, to maintain a better balance between life and work. Businesses need to be prepared to offer opportunities to work remotely and adapt their HR functions to suit this new workforce. Training, team-building, recruiting and more will require innovation to keep productivity at acceptable levels.

Reconnecting with your employees

With more and more people working remotely, it can be hard for them to fully engage and feel part of the company’s culture without being physically surrounded by it. HR needs to get creative this year, to help ensure that the culture of your company is integrated into everything your employees go through, whether it’s in the recruiting process or retention.

Leaders encouraging innovation

The ‘do as I say, not as I do’ manager’s days are numbered in 2019, as leaders who are vulnerable, authentic, brave and open continue to get the best from their employees. Improve productivity and employee satisfaction by providing chances for them to use their skills and strengths, to work autonomously and have a bigger say in company goings-on

Continuing to stand for equality

In this era of #metoo, it’s more important than ever for HR representatives to be aware of workplace harassment; how to address it in the workplace and helping women in new leadership roles feel comfortable.

Be willing to take on those less skilled

When struggling to fill positions, you’ll need to look at those applicants who aren’t as educated or skilled and be ready to up-skill and train them for the roles that need filling. Many applicants aren’t as formally qualified as previous generations (for a number of reasons) so this means taking a chance if you want more employees.

Providing a purpose

Millennials, especially, are more productive and likely to remain with the company if they’re able to find meaning and purpose in what they do. To keep up with this and retain your best employees, as an HR professional you’ll need to be evaluating your corporate responsibility and the social purpose your business serves regularly, to make sure they align with the organisation’s goals and values.

Leadership is changing (our research)

Organisations and HR must radically rethink all of their stakeholder interactions, especially those involving their human capital. This includes how to acquire, deploy, develop and retain their people. Bold leadership characteristics will be required to ensure your business adapts and thrives. From our research, we’ve distilled the following competencies that we think will be critical for the 2019 Leader: 

  • Collaborative Orientation
  • Developer of People
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • People Management
  • Courageous Leadership
  • Learning Agility
  • Global Mindset
  • Cultural Agility
  • Future Focus
  • Leading Change
  • Innovative/Creative Champion
  • 360 Communicator

What are your organisation and L& D teams doing to prepare your current and future leaders and how many of these competencies are being developed? This is where LeadershipHQ can help!

We need to be adaptable as the workplace continuously changes, to ensure they can keep the organisation on the right track so that the company isn’t left behind. Reflection and evaluation need to be practised regularly to stay on top of the game and determine the effectiveness of your strategies.

For more information please read these great white-papers from HR World and PwC too.

Let me know your thoughts or any other trends you are seeing.

Author – Sonia McDonald

Sonia McDonald is one of Globe’s leading leadership executive coaches and keynote speakers, as well as an advisor, thought leader, and author. She’s also CEO and founder of LeadershipHQ and has been named as one of the Top 100 Australian Entrepreneurs and Top 250 Influential Women in the world. LeadershipHQ are leading the way in leadership and work with Organisations and Businesses such as Qantas, Thiess, Super Retail Group, Brickworks, Kane Constructions, Bartons, EY, Maurice Blackburn, Grant Thorton, and Minter Ellison. LeadershipHQ partner with businesses in building great leadership and people development through their cutting edge and high impact leadership programs, coaching, workshops, resources and events.

Sonia has worked, coached and spoken in front of people around the world, encouraging them to succeed by reaching their full potential and inspiring leadership greatness. Sonia has written several books on leadership: Leadership Attitude, Just Rock It! and Neuroscience of Leadership, and she writes regularly for publications such as The Australian, HRD Magazine, Smart Healthy Women and Women’s Business Media. She has been published in BBC Capital, The Australian, HRD Magazine, Business Insider and Richtopia. She has spoken at numerous leading conferences, companies and events across the world with her vision to create authentic, kind and courageous leaders and organisations.

My Wish for 2019 – Being Human

My Wish for 2019 – Being Human

My wish for 2019 for the leaders (remember leadership is an Attitude, Mindset, and Action) of the world – let’s be Human. I think this is what the world is craving for – Connection and Compassion as human beings.

At this time of year, I watch all those cheesy and wonderful Christmas Movies. One of my favourites is Love Actually. I love the scene at the airport where all the people are arriving at Heathrow and they are so excited and happy. They are hugging and embracing their loved ones. It occurred to me that this is a place where you can say that is love all around – and connection is all around. Don’t you agree? We might say we are all different however we are all the same – we need connection. Did you know we are social beings and this is important in leadership?

The business of business is relationships; the business of life is human connection. Robin S. Sharma

I always find the week before Xmas is interesting. There always seems to be this mad panic to get everything done before the holidays. Everyone was racing around, walking faster along the streets, checking their phones was more evident and in a rush to have meetings and conversations. In turn, so many of my clients were canceling meetings and coaching as they got just too busy. I was really conscious of not being caught up in the busyness and crazy rush of closing the year off for the upcoming Christmas break. So I don’t buy into it – ever.

Why? It stops me from being in the moment and connecting with those around me and being compassionate to them and myself. It is this time of year we need to take care of ourselves and others.

And are we really that busy? Are we? What happened to being in the moment and being human?

Thing is regardless of what time of year or where we are at (we don’t need an airport to feel connection) – we need to start being human.

So imagine the simplicity of just saying hello and asking a stranger at a coffee shop how they are, calling someone to say hello instead of an SMS or being truly present when we are with our loved ones or with the people around us. Saying thank you for making my coffee, being there for me and asking if someone needs help.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Aesop

Imagine the power of letting go of judging ourselves or others, being kind to ourselves when we fail or letting go of any expectations of the world and being grateful for what we have and where you are at. Imagine talking to ourselves like we would to someone we love. Imagine if we embraced this connection, compassion, and kindness as leaders in 2019. Where busyness or being on 24/7 is just a fad.

This is something I am truly committed to and passionate about. Compassion, kindness, and connection. You can read more about this in my latest book JUST ROCK IT!

In turn, I highly recommend you watch Brene Brown’s TED Talk called Power of Vulnerability too. Brene studies human connection — our ability to empathize, belong, love. In a poignant, funny talk, she shares a deep insight from her research, one that sent her on a personal quest to know herself as well as to understand humanity.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. Dalai Lama

Imagine a world where we truly appreciate and love the element of being human and we can create moments where we can make a difference to humanity by connecting and being compassionate. Where time and love are our most precious resources, not money, power, titles or things. Imagine leaders of the world being human. This is leadership.

It starts with us.

Below are My Top My Top Twenty 2019 Affirmations for being Compassionate to YOU.

1.    I am worthy.

2.    I can do anything I set my mind to.

3.    I am stronger than I think.

4.    I am the master of my own life.

5.    I cannot control others’ actions, only my reaction to them.

6.    I am me. I am unique. There is nobody else like me.

7.    Nothing has beaten me yet; I can overcome any obstacle.

8.    Who I was in the past does not reflect on who I am today.

9.    I take each day as a new chance to do and be better.

10. I will always make the best of a situation.

11. I will look for the positives in everything, even if I can’t immediately see any.

12. I am grateful.

13. I am proud of myself and all I have achieved.

14. I have many talents and skills.

15. I can and will harness my power to make the life I want.

16. I know my worth, even if others don’t see it.

17. I deserve happiness.

18. There’s no limit to what I can achieve.

19. It will all turn out alright in the end.

20. I can do IT.

Author – Sonia McDonald, Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach and CEO of LeadershipHQ

Sonia McDonald is one of Globe’s leading leadership executive coaches and keynote speakers, as well as an advisor, thought leader, and author. She’s also CEO and founder of LeadershipHQ, and through this, she empowers people to discover their own innate talent and strengths.

Named as one of the Top 100 Australian Entrepreneurs and Top 250 Influential Women in the world, Sonia is shaking up the traditional view of leadership, and along the way she has uncovered some outstanding leadership talent which had previously gone unnoticed.

Sonia is internationally recognised as an expert in leadership and strategy, organisational development, workplace diversity and the neuroscience of leadership.

Sonia has also coached people around the world, encouraging them to succeed by reaching their full potential. She has helped hundreds of people build their brands, grow their leadership and business strategies, increase their confidence, build awareness, increase their business revenue, connect to the right people, build exceptional skills and achieve brilliant businesses and careers.

Sonia has written several books on leadership: Leadership Attitude, Just Rock IT! and Neuroscience of Leadership, and she writes regularly for publications such as The Australian, HRD Magazine, Smart Healthy Women and Women’s Business Media. She has been published in BBC Capital, The Australian, HRD Magazine, Business Insider and Richtopia.



6 Tips for Reflecting Over Christmas

6 Tips for Reflecting Over Christmas

Yesterday literally three people whom I had coffee with said to me; “Sonia please make sure you take time off this Xmas.” I know I work hard however it is obvious I need to take time off I thought to myself. Yes, it is for all of us during this time. You might think it seems crazy to even be writing about this topic – after all, aren’t holidays about forgetting about work and relaxing? But the truth is that great leaders never truly stop reflecting, seeking feedback and improving and sharpening the saw on their leadership. In fact, when you’re away from your work environment you might even be able to step back enough to gain a new perspective on things and get yourself ready to improve after your time off.

Here are six tips on how to use your time wisely when reflecting on your leadership over Christmas.

1.   Don’t let it consume your whole holiday

This is the most important thing to remember! While effective leaders are always reflecting on their leadership, you do need to make sure you take time out for yourself to unwind and de-stress, and to spend time with your family as well over the holiday period.

2.   Be honest with yourself

If you aren’t completely honest about your successes and failures, strengths and weaknesses, you’ll never grow. Identifying these areas of improvement are what will help you become a better leader, as long as you follow through on them! It’s not fun to think about things we can’t do well, or what we can do better, but you need to have these tough conversations with yourself to grow as a person and a leader.

3.   Look at your leadership as a whole

It’s not just about reflecting on your results (KPIs etc.), your wins and your losses, but how you interacted with your team and those above you, what you did to improve your leadership over the past year, whether you sought feedback or not; everything that makes up your leadership self.

4.   Celebrate the wins

Make sure you take the time to acknowledge what you’ve done well, and really celebrate any wins you’ve had with your leadership – whether that’s leading your team to an incredible result, or receiving an award recognising your efforts. These are especially handy to reflect on when you’re feeling down on yourself; they boost your spirits and remind you that you CAN do this!

5.   Plan for changes and action in the new year

Once you’ve assessed your strengths and what you could improve upon, it’s time to plan out what you’re going to do in the upcoming year to make these changes happen. Examples include: planning to ask for feedback on a more regular basis, making a conscious effort to change the way you communicate, and signing up for workshops or seminars.

6.   Make a list of books, blogs, podcasts etc. that will help you improve

Great leaders never stop learning! Once you’ve reflected on your leadership, you can then start researching and asking friends, colleagues, even your mentor if you have one, for recommendations for books, podcasts, TED Talks, etc. that will help you improve. You must be hungry for knowledge, never complacent and thinking you know it all or your leadership will suffer. I love Leadership Attitude and Just Rock It! (had to do a plug!). Listen to Just Rock IT! Podcast too as it will truly motivate you over Xmas…

Strike the right balance these Christmas holidays, by making the most of your time away from work to both spend quality time with your loved ones, and reflect on your leadership during the past year. While reflection isn’t always pleasant, especially when you’re looking back on things that didn’t go well, it’s vital to being a truly great and authentic leader.