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Leadership Actions That Make A Big Impact

As leaders, it’s not just your words that affect those around you. You have to walk the walk, as the saying goes. This means that your actions, all of them, are directly impacting your co-workers, your organisation, and your leadership style. There are certain things that all great leaders do, that have a major impact […]

leadership through a crisis

When faced when a crisis – how do you lead? My mantra during this time is “Crisis can lead to growth and opportunity, stuff-up’s can lead to resilience and lessons, and purpose and vision can withhold any challenges.” Here are my top ten ways and a blog to lead through a crisis – 1. You […]

Free Leadership Resources

LET’S BE COURAGEOUS TOGETHER. *puppy isn’t free as I thought such a cute photo… We are committed to inspiring, supporting and helping you all be braver, stronger and better during these times. This is the best time to invest in leadership and your own self development and that of your teams. This is the time […]

Are We Exhausted Leaders?

Are we exhausted leaders? I think I am. However even though there are days we might feel like we don’t have this, we do. We have got this. Determination and perseverance are two critical leadership skills that every great leader must possess. But sometimes, no matter how much willpower and drive you may have, there […]