Are you a Manager wanting to go further in your career, but feeling stuck and stagnant?


Or are you someone with a vision for your future, but struggling to make it happen?

Becoming a Take Charge Member is ideal for you!  

Be honest. Are you disappointed with where you are?

‘Take Charge” is a leadership and career development program which will restore your focus, and enable you to change your attitude, take charge and get results.

This program gives you everything you need to become an inspirational leader. It will fill you with knowledge, courage and conviction. As we work through the phases of growth and mindset development, it will ignite your energy and help you reach your highest potential.

Right now, you might be feeling disappointed in yourself or your career progress. That’s a tough place to be when you can clearly see the leader you want to be. We call it the place of ‘deep pain’ because we know how much it can hurt.

However, as you work week by week through the program, the shifts will happen. Your mindset will change, your confidence will grow and by the end of the program, your self-belief will be unwavering. You will have everything you need to become the inspirational leader you want to be.

Take Charge and move from deep pain to inspiration.  

It’s time to change everything.

About Take Charge Membership

The program includes a monthly face-to-face workshop and fortnightly online training, where we work together to fire up and show you the tools you require to take your career from stagnant to supercharged.

Over a six month process we will stoke the fire you have burning within you, and assist you to get super clear on the vision you have for your career.

We will support you to take charge and let your inner leader start to shine. We’ll teach you how to squash any limiting beliefs holding you back, and how to find your voice, so you have the confidence to speak out and stand by your words.

By this point you’ll be ready to build your network. All great leaders have a supportive tribe behind them, so it’s time to discover your tribe, acknowledge their support and learn how to network effectively to achieve your goals.

Commitment and consistent action will bring you results for you, your team members and your followers.

“Taking Charge” is about believing you can change and become the person and leader you want to be.

The program gives you all the tools, guidance and support you need, and support as you take action. ‘Taking Charge’ gives you the confidence and skills to reach your highest potential.

 Is 2018 the year you achieve your career and business aspirations?

98% of LeadershipHQ Alumni say working with LHQ is the single largest contributor to their career breakthrough.

LHQ Alumni organisations have reported the ROI of an LeadershipHQ program has been 3 times the initial investment.

The LeadershipHQ Alumni Network are committed to developing leadership throughout Australia and have offered to pay 50% of eligible applicants Take Charge Membership for up to 5 participants.

To apply for this prestigious bursary please fill in the application form below.

Take Charge Membership includes

6 x face to face workshops
  • 4 hrs. per month
  • These workshops take place in Brisbane CBD.
  • If you live interstate, we will organise for you to join online.
Fortnightly Group call online / Q&A style
  • Our fortnightly calls will consist of training and an opportunity to ask any questions around the fortnightly content.
Fortnightly Content
  • Fortnightly leadership content and tasks to work through
Weekly Accountability
  • You will not be left on your own – you will be held accountable each week.
Online resource centre
  • The online centre provides a mix of resources around neuroscience, leadership and personal development, enabling you to engage and learn on the go. Once you join the program you have lifetime access to this incredible library of resources.
Private Facebook Group
  • This private group is only available for those taking part in the program. It is safe environment for everyone to connect and discuss their personal journey, knowing it’s a confidential and non-judgement space.
Guest speakers around Goal Setting, Building your Network and more!
  • A mix of speakers will join our monthly workshops teaching you how to set your intentions and see them through successfully. Every month a new speaker will be there to guide and advise you on the topic at hand.
Personal Branding Audit
  • An audit and assessment of your personal brand including your resume and Linked In profile and personal recommendations based on your individual career goals.
LeadershipHQ Magazine Profile
A profile or editorial on you and/or your business or organisation in the LeadershipHQ Magazine.
Networking Opportunities
  • Access to exclusive networking events through the year
  • Opportunities for qualified connections and links based on your unique situation and career goals
OPTIONAL monthly 1 hr., 1-on-1 coaching call
  • One-to-one coaching is available (at an extra cost) for anyone who feels they need a little coaching to reach their goals.

When does it start?

The Take Charge Program commences February 2018, and the workshop dates are;

  • 16th Feb
  • 16th March
  • 20th April
  • 18th May
  • 15th June
  • 20th July

Due to popular demand the Take Charge program is being extended to include a second intake beginning in April 2018.

Full second Take Charge Intake Dates:

  • 27th April
  • 25th May
  • 29th June
  • 27th July
  • 24th August
  • 21st September

“Taking Charge” starts today

Breaking News from LHQ

The LeadershipHQ Alumni is so excited by the Take Charge Program that one of the alumni is offering a limited number of bursaries to Take Charge participants of 50% off the cost of the program.

Apply now!

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