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The Keys to Leadership in 2022

The Keys to Leadership in 2022

The Keys to Leadership in 2022

The turmoil that has occurred in the last 18 months has had a huge impact globally. Looking ahead, brilliant, courageous leadership is required to reimagine the future of work, understand the way we engage with people and to build exciting new businesses. Courageous leaders will manage this change by creating an inspiring vision, seeking new opportunities, and aligning with likeminded people. Each and every one of us has the potential to make an amazing difference through new leadership and business approaches with the skills to match.

To create change as a courageous leader, it’s important to determine how you can deliver outcomes faster, with more impact, courage and care than ever before? By taking time to learn from the best leaders throughout history, you will accelerate yourself and your team to success and courage is one of the essential ingredients to success!

Like any leadership skill, courage is something that is learned and refined over time and it should form part of a leader’s inventory. No one is born with it. Many leaders are wanting to know how to build courage and take themselves forward to new directions of success that will have a lasting impact. In response to this, LeadershipHQ has conducted extensive research with leaders across the globe and in response to that need has developed a Courage Intelligence (CQ) Model and White Paper.

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The CQ Model will provide future focussed leaders with an opportunity to build their courage as a skill based on 5 key elements: Purpose, Authenticity, Impact, Grit and Empathy.

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The availability of the CQ Model with take leadership and courage to a new level: “To build, transform and inspire great leadership, teams and companies across the globe.”

LeadershipHQ research has also been conducted in writing the books First Comes Courage, Leadership Attitude and Just Rock It and also our recent global research, data and polls around Leadership, Courage and Values.

Challenging times call for challenging leadership and it’s an opportunity for all of us to step up and “take the bull by the horns!’ Every day in some small way within our own sphere of influence, we can go beyond our comfort zone, connect with an empowering team and forge ahead to success. Today, it’s very important to consider what else we need to do to step up, lead with courage and become a future leader who will change the course of history for future generations. We need to lead by example in order to inspire other people to do the same.

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We feel optimistic that dramatic improvements are within our reach, with the right energy and focus from individuals, organisations, and government. We hope you find this White Paper of practical value and invite you to test out the ideas and suggestions offered.


This White Paper is the product of a detailed analysis of the leading literature and research on global issues impacting us and the need for courageous leadership to take us forward into the 21st century. We want this White Paper to shine a spotlight on courageous leadership and provide the basic foundation on which leaders and future leaders can reach their full potential and continue this work over the coming decades.

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