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Top 10 Ways to Innovate

Top 10 Ways to Innovate

Top 10 Ways to Innovate

Innovation is leading us in new directions, many of them being driven by technology and A1. So, would you like to replace your manager with a robot? Well, there could be benefits, especially when we see the capability of Australian Leadership and Management in the SAL Report “Do Australian Leaders Have what it takes.”  There are opportunities of course to move to a more automated world with robots assisting with particular tasks, however when we look at some of the incredible inventions that have occurred in history, the human element to change and innovation cannot be overlooked or disregarded. Each and every one of us has the capability to re-invent and innovate and create a new world that will serve future generations to come. As a leader, you have the opportunity to make a difference with inspiring innovation!

“If I had asked the public what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse“- Henry Ford (1863 – 1947), Founder of Ford Motor Company

Innovate with a Robot rather than your Manager?

Some say, that’s an easy answer! In my blog, “Would you trust a robot over your manager,” it showed in a recent study that AI isn’t as ‘scary’ as it used to be. Employees are keen to continue embracing technological advancements in the workplace. In a survey, 64% said that they would trust a robot over their manager. What does all this tell us? That AI is going to continue making our working lives more efficient, and that there is a massive lack of trust in many of our managers. How can managers win back the trust of their employees? And just how are robots and other forms of AI making workplaces more productive?

Robots aren’t just used in warehouses for picking and packing; there are a whole host of tasks that robots can be programmed to do. They are favoured over their human counterparts for menial and repetitive actions, as they work quickly, effortlessly and impeccably. AI isn’t just robots, however, and not all robots come under the AI umbrella either. Artificial intelligence has been designed for many workplace-related functions such as filtering job applicants, budgeting, scheduling, solving issues and answering queries.

This level of trust in technology should be the same as we have in our managers, however it’s not the case. Managers need to be focusing on developing and practising these skills. There will always need to be humans in the workforce, so it’s important that a manager is able to focus on their people. Whether its pride or a distrust of the technology that their employees embrace, managers need to get with the times and learn to work with the AI that is there to make their jobs easier. By letting AI take care of the low-value tasks, relationships, collaboration and creativity flourish – and that’s what this world needs more of!

Concerns on Leadership can lead to Robots

The SAL Report “Do Australian Leaders Have what it takes” shows that Australian organisations should be concerned about the state of leadership and management capability. Effective leadership behaviour requires the mastery of management fundamentals, including performance monitoring, target setting, team management and use of incentives. It’s important to reflect on the report outcomes and set up yourself for innovative leadership success!

Change the Trend: Become an Innovative Manager!

A July 2020 article by Jeff Desjardins for the World Economic Forum, “10 types of Innovation,” shows that innovation drives business forward, but it is often misunderstood. After examining over 2,000 innovations throughout history, Doblin discovered most breakthroughs don’t stem from engineering inventions or rare discoveries. In reality, there are 10 different types of innovation – this is what they look like in practice:

  • Profit model
  • Network
  • Structure
  • Process
  • Product Performance
  • Product System
  • Service
  • Channel
  • Brand
  • Customer Engagement

Team Innovation

In a Robert Half article, How to encourage innovation in your team,” its shows that team innovation is the backbone of every successful company. It’s what sets a business apart from the competition, and helps it grow and prosper. Getting your staff to think creatively isn’t always easy, though. In a survey by Robert Half, 35 percent of chief financial officers said the greatest roadblock to organisational breakthroughs is a lack of innovative ideas. Executives polled also cited excessive bureaucracy (24 percent) and being bogged down with daily tasks or putting out fires (20 percent) as other major barriers. Here are 10 ways to overcome those challenges and encourage creativity and innovation in your team:

  • Give employees a reason to care
  • Empower your employees to make decisions and take action
  • Don’t make staff jump through hoops
  • Do what you can to remove the red tape
  • Rethink competition
  • Calm the naysayers
  • Ease up
  • Make preventing burnout a high priority
  • Set the example
  • Do what you can to minimise your own stress so you can be at your best

10 Great books on Courageous Innovation

 “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” Harry Truman:

Here’s your number one book about taking a courageous step on the way to being an innovator: grab my latest book FIRST COMES COURAGE!

And, here’s 9 more books about Innovation:

Opportunities for Innovating with a New YOU!

Now that you understand the importance of innovation, I am here to support you for your next level of success through three opportunities:

1.    Join my Course to your Inner Courage – and it’s only $47! I am beyond excited and privileged to have you working with me on my First Comes Courage Read-Along Course. Book your spot, grab the book and make this year a year of Courage! Join alone or as a team! Starts 22nd February 2021 and you enrol and start anytime…

2.    Coaching helps leaders go from good to exceptional. Coaching conversations:

  • build self-awareness
    • uncover hidden strengths and limiting beliefs
    • offer new perspectives
    • evoke insight
    • support goal-setting, accountability and achievement
    • improve communication, and
    • enhance performance

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Stay Kind. Stay Courageous.

Sonia x

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