I remember standing there in Shanghai, China and my world had just fallen apart. My beautiful and warm apartment was suddenly cold and ugly. I wanted to crawl under a rock. I was left a full time single mum living in a foreign country and I had no idea what I was going to do next. I suppose it was when the survival mode of my brain kicked in and I knew I had to make a choice. I made a choice to stand tall and reinvent myself. Here my journey began. A journey where today I am the unlikely Entrepreneur of a leadership consulting company. One that has been the toughest but best thing I have done.

My unlikely journey was one that I never expected I would take but I had to adapt to the circumstances and environment I was in at the time, and survive. I wonder why I waited until my world fell part to take control of my life and follow my passions and not before? Don’t wait for something life changing to happen to change your life!

How did I do it? 

I discovered my passion, leadership. I became a semi expert. Not an expert as I didn’t want to stop learning. I became a flip chart and journal queen for a year and wrote down every insight and idea. I created an amazing company from a blog! I was clear on my brand and purpose. I use social media big time. I surrounded myself with people (my cheerleaders) who encouraged and supported me unequivocally. I found myself some amazing mentors (3 incredible men!). I live and breathe leadership. I read, I learn, and I practice self-development every day. I create opportunities for myself. I drive my own path and say yes to things that I know will challenge me. I empower and inspire those around me, as I want everyone to be more successful than me! I am always driving change and innovation. I ask for feedback, okay sometimes this is hard to hear. I am always thinking outside the square. I backed myself and have incredible self-belief. I learnt confidence.

Lessons and Learning

I keep abreast of the industry. I nurture my relationships and believe in karma. I never give up, even though I get some big knocks. I share my business with my amazing daughter and she loves being involved! I look forward and learn from my past. I reflect and grow; I learn lessons. I see failure as learnings. I stay true to my values. I share knowledge and insights to help others. I work with people who have their own amazing strengths (I can’t be great at everything!). I let go of people who put holes in my row boat (this is tough at times). I watch my thinking and only let positive actors on my stage (Brain). I watch my ANTS (automatic negative thoughts) and squash them. I accept I am not perfect. I am enough.

 I am not saying it is easy.

Far from it. There have been plenty of days where I wondered if it is worth all this VERY hard work. But then I think of the days where I am making a difference, creating great leaders, teams and organisations, being published in magazines and newspapers and sharing my insights and ideas. The days I am speaking at amazing conferences, working and meeting with great people. I am creating and innovating new ideas and programs. Okay it is REALLY cool. I am inspired every day.

I am an unlikely Entrepreneur. I am an unlikely number of things, we all are. But I wonder if you had a passion, idea or dream, how unlikely or brilliant it is, whether you are willing to do something about it?

All I can say is that I if I can do it, you can!

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