Women Leading

Appreciate your own unique leadership skills and qualities to be able to be significant within your leadership role.

Don’t waste your incredible and unique skills! There’s a team out there who needs to be lead by you

Studies have shown that companies with a leadership balance between men and women achieve better financial results

In fact, companies with more women on senior leadership teams outperform financial results of comparable companies with fewer women by an average of 30%.

The Program

It’s because women have a different set of leadership skills to men and businesses are just discovering how important those skills are in the workplace. It’s time women learnt to appreciate the skills they have, too.

Through this program you will discover and learn to appreciate your own unique leadership skills and qualities to be able to be significant within your leadership role.

You could be a strong and capable leader, leading your team YOUR way, or you could still be wondering if you have it in you to be a leader at all… Which will it be?

This program is suited to mid to senior level managers and leaders with a focus on self and people leadership. With a neuroscience and action learning approach, this program will provide you with the skills, insights, and learning and empower YOU to be the best leader you can be!

What will the Women Leading program give me?

The Program will give you confidence in yourself as an individual and as a leader.
You will learn about yourself and the strengths you have which can help your personal development.
You will learn how to harness your strengths as well as your personal brand.
You will discover the power of resilience and how to use it wisely towards successful outcomes.
You will discover what drives and motivates you and how to maintain your motivation while still maintaining balance and focus.

Sonia is an inspirational and dynamic leadership coach. She energizes and motivates people to be bold, to focus on their personal strengths, and ultimately to forge their own authentic leadership journey. Sonia’s workshop program is insightful, engaging and rewarding.

Georgina Anthonisz

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Mindfulness and Balance Techniques

Experiential Exercises

Action Learning


Don’t waste your incredible and unique skills or
the skills of the women in your organisation

Let her lead! Empower her to lead!

Contact LeadershipHQ for more information about how this program can be tailored to you as an individual or to your organisation.


Sonia’s integrity and passion for leadership shine through in everything she does. As my coach, Sonia has provided a structure that’s helped me to reflect on my strengths, build on my capabilities, and set and achieve goalsHer sage insights and constructive feedback keep me focused and on track. If you are looking for a coach that lives and breathes leadership, Sonia should be at the top of your list.

Liz Kearins

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