We Build Connection & Collaboration

Great leaders and teams don’t happen by accident.

LeadershipHQ workshops, masterclasses and team building sessions are custom-made to tackle challenges and opportunities in your business.

By bringing people together, either face-to-face or online, we build connection and collaboration, foster a shared purpose and use the wisdom in the group to take your organisation farther, faster.

Whether you’re looking to hot-wire stronger teams, boost leadership capability, spark innovation or ignite passion for change, we’ll design an experience that gets people energised and excited.

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Virtual or Face-to-Face Workshops & Masterclasses

No more boring workshops! At LeadershipHQ, that’s a promise.

We design and deliver targeted workshops, masterclasses and team building days. We guarantee highly engaging, interactive and fun learning experiences that fire up your leaders, build teamwork and deliver results back at work.

Popular learning areas

Select from our popular learning areas or talk to us about your needs:

  • Neuroscience of Leadership
  • Courageous Leadership
  • Courageous Conversations
  • Women in Leadership
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Leading Culture
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Leading Performance 
  • Leading Culture 
  • Unconscious Bias 
  • Leading Hybrid Teams
  • Emotional Intelligence & Grit
  • Transitioning into Leadership
  • Courage Intelligence
  • Leading Difficult People
  • Leading Neuro-diversity
  • Plus more….

It’s all about you

Workshop, masterclass and team building learning areas will be customised to meet your needs.

Simply ask our team.

Team Building

We Strengthen Great Teams.

All organisations today realise the importance of creating team cultures in the workplace in order to realise maximum productivity and efficiency. To achieve high performing teams requires skills not traditionally acquired by managers. The programs and workshops are designed to provide practical skills that will have an immediate result back in the workplace. We work with corporate teams like sporting teams – you need time off the field to plan and strategise how you will play as a team on the field!

Great Team Building that Delivers!

A team which works well together is more effective and able to score more goals at a faster rate than one without a unified approach. Making sure team members understand the important role they play within an organisation is vital. This transformational, hands-on, practical program and workshops will teach and show attendees how their actions and behaviours (both indirect and direct) can increase sales, engagement, productivity and garner better results for themselves and the organisation as a whole. They will leave thinking and feeling like the leaders they are meant to be!

LeadershipHQ’s style of delivery is interactive, engaging and super-fun. We encourage participation to make the training dynamic and enjoyable for all attendees.


We LOVE our Team Building programs and workshops as participants will learn how to:

  • Improve the levels of performance in their team
  • Apply models for building a high performance team
  • Analyse their team and identify issues that need to be addressed
  • Focus on problem solving and decision making that relates to workplace issues
  • Develop meeting skills and guidelines
  • Measure and monitor team performance
  • Generate creative and innovative team ideas and solutions
  • Formulate team strategies for implementation
  • Plus more….


As a RESULT of our programs and workshops you will:

  • Learn practical methods to increase team efficiency and productivity
  • Be able to utilise a number of team models to benchmark team effectiveness and identify areas for change
  • Identify areas for improvement in their team
  • Identify workplace issues that their team needs to resolve
  • Know how to effectively run a meeting and gain high levels of participation
  • Design key team performance measures and the means of monitoring performance
  • Gain a range of techniques for generating innovative an creative ideas with their teams
  • Use all of the information and knowledge they have gathered to develop a action plan to build a more effective team
  • Become a truly high performance team!

We are all about great results, actions and outcomes.

No tree hugging here without plans and strategies to be a GREAT TEAM!

Public Programs, Events & Workshops

Our public programs and workshops are held in major cities across Australia bi-annually. Our Virtual Events are hosted every month. To view our upcoming events, click HERE.

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At LeadershipHQ there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all.
Our development programs and coaching are all about you.

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