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We offer customised Pulse, Engagement, Self, Cultural Assessments and Surveys and 360’s for YOUR Organisation, Leaders and Teams.

These tools are incredibly effective for performance management and improvement by gaining a well-rounded view of the attitudes, behavior and performance in your organisation.

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Courage Compass

The Courage Compass® are Self and 360 Organisational Assessments and Tools that identifies strengths, areas of development and capabilities in the areas of Courageous Leadership with a focus on Kindness, Resilience, Impact and Purpose. By providing insights into strengths and areas for development, it empowers people to embark on their own journeys to being better at, and lead with kindness, purpose, resilience, impact and ultimately courage.

Designed for managers, leaders, students and those in professional and technical roles, the Courage Compass® has helped 1000’s of people to understand and change the way they lead.

How it works

The Courage Compass® has a few options and parts. You can take one or both –

  1. Self and 360 Assessments: This assesses the individual’s courageous leadership styles, personal effectiveness and ability to lead with kindness, resilience, impact and purpose.
  2. The data collected in this survey is processed electronically. The results of the assessment identify the individual’s courageous leadership style, personal effectiveness and ability to lead with kindness, resilience, impact and purpose and/or feedback from others on their leadership style.

The results and any recommendations are then presented to the individual in a comprehensive, confidential report. A LeadershipHQ consultant or accredited practitioner guides them through the findings and helps them to develop a strategy to change the way they lead, think and behave.

The Courage Compass® Assessments are available online and on almost any digital device.

Complementary Programs

We recommend that you apply Courage Compass® in tandem with one of our leadership and coaching programs. Together, they enable an integrated approach to developing individual, group and organisational-level leadership and behavioural styles.

The benefits for your organisation

The Courage Compass® will help to get your team leading and behaving to their full potential and contributing to your success and courage as a business and an employer of choice. It’s particularly valuable for helping individuals to:

  • discover new ways of leading and behaving
  • improve their effectiveness in their roles
  • lead with kindness and courage
  • focus on purpose and leadership impact
  • cope better with stress, pressure and change
  • achieve self-set goals
  • improve their interpersonal relationships
  • increase their personal effectiveness.

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Leadership Assessments

LeadershipHQ’s Leadership Self and 360 Assessment includes over 60 Questions which focus on Key Leadership Capabilities such as:

  • Character
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Leading Change
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Teamwork

Following the Assessment, we collate the data and perform a debrief session with a LeadershipHQ coach. In turn, we can also customise these assessments around your Values, Behaviours and Capabilities.


The DiSC® model provides a common language people can use to better understand themselves and those they interact with—and then use this knowledge to reduce conflict and improve working relationships.

Why use DiSC?

DiSC® assessments are used in thousands of organizations around the world, from sprawling government agencies and Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits and small businesses. The reason is simple: DiSC® profiles help build stronger, more effective working relationships.


PRISM is a revolutionary way of identifying people’s behaviour preferences

PRISM approaches human behaviour from the perspective of neuroscience, rather than psychological theory. This exciting online tool takes advantage of some of the most up-to-date neuroscience discoveries to provide users with a series of ‘maps’ which are representations of how they prefer to respond to the world around them.

Each PRISM ‘map’ is a picture of the user as a unique individual

PRISM’s reports show not only people’s natural or instinctive behaviour preference, but also the extent and the way in which they modify or adapt their preference on occasions to respond to what you see as the demands of specific situations e.g. their job.

The reports also indicate where individuals may be overdoing or not making full use of their preferences. This insight also helps them to understand more about their true potential, as well as what may be hindering them from achieving even higher performance.

The remarkable complexity of the brain has shown that human beings cannot credibly be divided up into a fixed number of types or groups of people who are unable to act outside of their profiles. PRISM does not, therefore, label people or fit them into ‘boxes’, nor does it have ‘scores’, or right or wrong answers. Instead, it provides users with a powerful, graphic explanation for why they approach situations and individuals in different ways.

Because PRISM is based on perception, it is obvious that if perceptions change, behaviour will change too. The dynamic interaction between perception of self and the environment explains why an individual may behave differently from one situation to another.

PRISM can be applied in Leadership and Coaching.

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