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Great Trends for Organisations in 2022

Great Trends for Organisations in 2022

Great Trends for Organisation in 2022

The turmoil that has occurred in the last 18 months has had a huge impact globally. Looking ahead great leadership and values aligned organisations are required to reimagine the future of work, understand the way we engage with people and to build exciting new businesses to navigate 2022 and beyond. Leaders will need to manage this change by creating an inspiring vision, seeking new opportunities, and aligning with likeminded people. Each and every one of us has the potential to make an amazing difference through new leadership and business approaches with the skills and cultural alignment to match.

In turn, through 100’s of conversations with leading executives across the globe, extensive research and dozens of polls, and finally our work and consulting in the leadership space, here are our key insights and trends for what organisations will be doing and have to do differently. So let’s discuss the reshuffle, values aligned talent, connected learning and more…

We would love your thoughts and what you think we will see change in 2022.

The Great Reshuffle….and Cancellation

The world is entering into a talent migration that’s bigger than anything we’ve seen before. Some are calling it the Great Resignation, we call it the Great Reshuffle, an unprecedented moment in the history of work where all of us are rethinking not just how we work, but why we work. To us, this is a great thing. More people will be doing work they love at companies they feel passionate about, leading to greater success for organisations who engage their employees with empathy and trust.

In turn, “The Great Cancellation” is targeting bad bosses in some Australian workplaces and holding them to account. In every workplace you get people from all walks of life coming and going through the door. You may have coworkers, colleagues or business partners whose views you may not agree with. Or an office desk may who doesn’t know how to share the office resources and keeps taking your lunch. Or a colleague who is bullying or harassing you. Today we are seeing a huge shift where bad bosses are no longer tolerated.


Values Aligned Talent

We are seeing the War for Talent in a big way and this is due to a number of unprecedented challenges such as this pandemic, immigration issues, people moving out of the city and the list goes on. Talent today is now much savvier about the organisations they are joining with access to such platforms as seek and glass door reviews as well as being part of a business and organisation that stands for something. In turn, the organisations lives and breathes their values and culture – it is not just talk and pictures of eagles with courage in the wall! Therefore make sure you have values and culture alignment as part of the your recruitment process and values based questions. Hire for culture and attitude first – you can teach the skills! That’s what we do at McDonald Inc. and it works!

Leadership Development Bottom Up

With the war for talent heating up, organisations are now looking at ways to attract and retain the best talent. There is a shift in leadership development being top down to bottom up and being bench strength for the future and emerging leaders. We believe leadership is fundamental at all levels and we are seeing the talent and emerging coming into organisations are hungry for development and growth. At LeadershipHQ we are getting more and more requests for this work as well as leadership coaching for emerging leaders and A players in organisations – don’t get stuck throwing someone into the deep end without teaching them how to swim – they will need to be up and swimming especially during 2022 and beyond – and they will need to be able to swim the distance as well as the team medley!

Shift to Connected Learning

Has the days of Zoom and online learning programs and workshops been and gone? Well, maybe not entirely however we are seeing a shift to more connected and social learning. This shift includes workshops, programs and development based not only on skills and capability development but also sharing stories, experiences, mentoring, action learning, and the ability to vulnerabilities where we can create spaces where people feel connected to the experience and learning – not just a tick and flick. It is a more active and transformational type of learning where participants see their growth through connected relationships, opportunities and common interests and purpose.

Focus on Psychological Safety and Mental Health

We know Google did some brilliant research on Psychological Safety called Project Aristotle and it has become a real focus during this pandemic. I know we focus on keeping people safe but what about helping people feel safe? Psychological safety is the held belief that one will not suffer any negative consequences through taking interpersonal risks. This may include speaking up with an idea in a meeting, challenging the status quo, making a change, or admitting a mistake. Organisations are now shifting to this type of leadership for their teams and people as well as embracing Mental Health as not a stigma however as an important part of how we lead and live. We are passionate about this in our leadership work as leadership is about others and we are all human and kindness and taking care of our mental are fundamental for success.

New Kind of Leadership Style

Kindness. If there is one thing this pandemic has shown us is that kindness, compassion and empathy go along way. Gone are the days of autocratic, coercive and transactional leadership styles. With many of us now working from home or remotely, our ability to lead with great connection is critical. This involves leaders practicing a new leadership style which involves greater kindness, empathy and compassion. In turn, with many now working remotely, leaders are now focused on new ways of connecting, inspiring and motivating their teams and people. This take trust and you build trust through kindness and warmth. Leaders today now need to connect with their people not only to inspire them to deliver results but also demonstrate more effective ways to lead through gratitude, vulnerability and care.

Thank goodness!

New (better) Ways of Working (finally!)

Unsure why it took a pandemic for organisations to embrace flexible and remote ways of working, however here it is and it worked (for most of us). We are not saying that the being in the office, connecting at the water cooler, the team lunches and so forth are redundant however we are seeing that now leaders are much more open and relaxed about the way we work. This is why vales and cultural alignment is critical as whether you are in the office or not, we all still need to feel connected and part of the greater purpose and vision of an organisation.

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