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Tag: Leadership Skills

Fast Track Leadership

I remember when I was little driving from Brisbane to Cairns with my family. I was sitting in the back being my inpatient self (this hasn’t changed) and saying to my parents literally every 5 minutes – “Are we there yet?” This is an interesting memory for me when I started my career as I […]

7 Key Trends Neuroscience Leadership

2018 will be a year of change so it promises to be very exciting. While there are many possibilities ahead, here are seven of the key trends I see impacting our workplaces this year. The increasing importance of social development at work: Our social group was for the company as well as for self-protection. We […]

10 Tips Confident Leaders

Being A Leader Can Take A Lot Of Courage And Putting Yourself Out There. You’re Not Only Expected To Produce An Extraordinary Outcome, But Take A Diverse Group Of People Along With You. On Top Of That, Your Team Is Also Expected To Perform And Produce, And Work Closely And Collaboratively. Your Team Members Rely […]

Are You A Responsive Leader

Are you a responsive leader? I used to hate it when I’d make a suggestion or recommendation to my team leader and have no reply or acknowledgment at all.  Without the feedback, I felt as though my suggestions were worthless (which I knew they weren’t.) I soon learnt not to bother offering ideas for change […]

Blended Learning Leadership Diversity

We’ve always said that although there are certainly some born leaders in our world, there are many more great leaders who have acquired and polished their leadership skills over a period of time. So, we know that with training, great leaders can be created. Modern training techniques have evolved to reach beyond the training room, […]

Leadership Game Plan

If you think about it, being a leader is not much different from being the captain of a sporting team. Whatever your team sport, be it football, basketball, or athletics, you are still, essentially, a fundamental component of the team. Unlike a coach, you’re not sitting on the sidelines, giving directions and demanding results. You’re […]

Executive Assistant Need Leadership Skills

A fantastic executive or personal assistant to a CEO, or high-achieving entrepreneur, is a gatekeeper as much as an assistant – someone who needs high-level skills in identifying priorities and resource allocation. It’s not an exaggeration to say that an executive is only as good as the assistant who supports them. Does this kind of […]