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Keep your brain in good shape

When it comes to our daily or weekly workout, we often discount our brains as part of the program. We may focus on fitness or fat loss, and stretching and strengthening various body parts without considering the grey matter inside our skulls as requiring that level of... read more

Screw it! Let’s just do it

I am brave and courageous. I am and I need to be. I am a leader and entrepreneur. Yesterday I really put myself out there. I arrived at the Mark Bouris Show in Sydney to pitch some ideas around my company LeadershipHQ, building a tribe and Leadership Magazine idea... read more

Do we Lose When we Lean in?

Women leaders and executives, I have a quick question for you: would you walk into your boss’ office tomorrow and ask for a raise? The question might make you smile at first. You should, you say – you deserve it right? But then you start to doubt yourself – why? For... read more

The Best Leaders Put Others First

Within some corporate structures, the leader is at the top of the pyramid, on higher rung than others, without peer. The financial bottom line can make these structures appear successful and model-worthy at first, but their profit is gained at the expense of the well... read more

Critical Leadership Skills Survey 2016

LeadershipHQ are committed and passionate about building great leaders and leadership.  We would love 10 minutes of your time. Leadership matters. Leadership makes the difference. Leadership is Critical. Strong leadership is the backbone of an organisation. Leaders... read more

LeadershipHQ Magazine NOW Launched

I have to share this wonderful news and the BEST $9.97 you will ever spend on your leadership development! We are VERY excited to launch the 5th Edition of LeadershipHQ Magazine, our insightful and inspiring E-Magazine about Leaders, Leadership and Entrepreneurs. This... read more

Single Parenting and Leadership

Parenting is the most challenging job you will love. It also takes a lot of leadership. For those who don’t know me, I am a full time solo parent of a 14-year-old daughter. Yes deep breath. It is wonderful and challenging. It is also very tough. Thing is, I know many... read more

Bad Leaders Are Contagious

There is much talk about great leaders being able to positively affect an organisation through decreasing turnover of staff, increasing sales…the list goes on and on. But what happens when you have an ineffective leader; does the opposite apply? The answer is quite... read more

How Good Is Your Focus?

Getting a business off the ground needs laser focus; and once you get it up and running, the focus needs to continue. It is easy, however, to get lost in the sum of all parts and lose the focus as you try to maintain your balance and concentration. You may have heard... read more

Leadership key to Mental Health

Leadership key to Mental Health was the heading of an article I read recently in the Sydney Morning Herald by Jan-Louise Godfrey. I agree. Before I explain why I agree and what we can do about it; I am going to share a story. Recently I have had someone very close to... read more

Leadership is Scary…

Leadership is Scary. No this isn’t a Stephen King type article on Leadership…no scary music or creeping up on you when you least expect it – now there is a movie idea! Scary? Thing it doesn’t have to be… “Courage is being scared to death, but... read more

Passion. It Matters

This might be a shock to you but I am SO passionate about what I do. Why? Easy. Leadership is my Why, Purpose and Passion. It matters. Truly matters. Think of it like this. There are A LOT, I mean A LOT of consultants, companies and coaches that work in the Leadership... read more

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