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The Peer to Manager Move

The Peer to Manager Move

The Peer to Manager Move

The Peer to Manager! Congratulations, you’ve been promoted! Once a co-worker, now a boss, how exciting. Then, the panic sets in, you start in 2 days and all your previous insecurities come flooding in. STOP right there! You were given this position for a reason based on your leadership capability and you have what it takes. With the right mindset and some gentle guidance from the experts, your transition will be very smooth. So, set yourself up for success and enjoy the position as a new step on your leadership journey.

Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you” George S. Patton

Overcome the New Manager Challenge

As shown in a Robert Half article, “From Peer to Boss: How New Managers Overcome the Challenges,” being promoted to a leadership position in your company is a major milestone. But as many accounting and finance professionals have learned, transitioning from “co-worker” to “boss” can be a lonely journey that leads to sticky situations and unique challenges for new managers. A Robert Half survey reveals that one of the greatest difficulties for first-time managers is supervising friends and former peer to manager.

Another is balancing individual job duties with time spent overseeing others. “Becoming a manager for the first time is not always an easy transition,” said Tim Hird, executive director of Robert Half Management Resources. “More than simply adjusting to a new role, moving into a supervisor position requires adapting to others’ work styles and needs.” So hang in there, new managers. And take a look at these six tips that can help you make the switch from peer to boss as smooth as possible:

  • Take a deep breath
  • Meet face-to-face
  • Rethink your relationships
  • Walk a fine line
  • Be firm during the transition
  • Seek advice and assistance

Make the Transition Smooth

A March 2020 LinkedIn article by Sheryl Bredeson gives a “Peer to Manager Transitioning” snapshot. Many companies promote from within in an effort to build and sustain positive morale, as well as increase employee retention. When an employee is promoted from within from being in a non-supervisory role to a supervisory role, the transition can be difficult for some. However, there are strategies one can use to make this transition a smooth process. Guidelines for new managers who are now supervising employees that were once the supervisor’s peers include the following: 

  • Set expectations with each of your employees
  • Clarify your new responsibility as a manager with each employee
  • Establish mutual understanding of accountability for each employee
  • Ensure any non-work related activities are done as a group not with any specific employees 


Forbes Coaches Council shows “17 ways to make the Peer to Leader transition smooth.” Congratulations, you’ve been promoted! All your late nights, big ideas and hard work have finally paid off, and your supervisor has entrusted you with the responsibility of leading a team. As exciting as this time may be, many first-time leaders fail to consider the fact that they are now a step above their former peer to manager, and may be directly in charge of people who were once at their same level. This shift has the potential to negatively impact the team dynamic with resentment and hurt feelings – but it doesn’t have to be that way, with the right leadership strategies and here they are:

  • Hold One-On-One Meetings
  • Set Your Boundaries 
  • Keep Your Peer to manager In The Loop 
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate 
  • Think About Your Influence 
  • Find Your First Follower 
  • Share The Success 
  • Be Confident 
  • Set Clear Expectations 
  • Empower Your People 
  • Get In The Trenches With Them 
  • Learn How To Develop Expertise In Others 
  • Re-Introduce Yourself In The New Role 
  • Tap Into A Strong Support Network 
  • Don’t Make It Awkward 
  • Become A Better Servant 
  • Capitalize On Your Established Relationships 


In my blog “Outstanding Leadership Awards,” I look at leadership today and it concerns me. At times we can get despondent about leadership and we still see and hear stories of poor leadership, bullying and tall poppy syndrome. This needs to STOP especially for our youth and future generations. I know we can’t stop all the bullying, the impact of poor leadership and management and others pulling others down however we can start somewhere. We know there are so many great leaders out there.

We work with them every day and there are stories of remarkable leaders. There are businesses, people and unsung heroes who are making an impact. We are on a mission to change these examples and stories of poor leadership and share more great leadership. Our mission is to create a world of kind, courageous and inclusive leaders and leadership. I want that world for our future generations and leaders and for my daughter.

I started looking at how we acknowledge, celebrate and showcase those leaders, businesses and people. How do we celebrate those leaders who lead with great values and actions. Those leaders and people who inspire others to do more, learn more and be more. Those businesses and leaders who lead with kindness, courage and authenticity and only want the best for those around them. Those people who know that to get the best results takes diversity and inclusiveness in their businesses and embrace everyone for their uniqueness. Those leaders who get results however they know to get results and performance from their people means to practice kindness, courage, compassion and empathy.

The Outstanding Leadership Awards are about championing leaders across organisations who make diversity, inclusion and kindness part of their day to day culture. They are leaders who have courageous conversations and strive to lead by example. They are leaders that make employees happy to come to work each day because they feel valued. Above all, they are the leader whose example others strive to replicate and who are changing the face of leadership.

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Stay Kind. Stay Courageous.

Sonia x